Bummed, but I don’t really care

Yesterday I forgot to post on my blog until it was too late. I lost my streak. I was going 35 days strong too!

But honestly, who cares.

It’s just a dumb number.

It’s about content, not spam.

So I’m going to spam less from



Keep Smiling,


Just do it


It can be easy to just put things off for later in the day. Or for tomorrow. Or for next week. Or more next month. Or for never.

That is why you just need to do it. Just now I completed making some business cards for a friend like I said I would. However, I have to be honest. I just made and ordered the cards tonight, but in reality they likely should have been delivered tonight if I had made them when I originally set my mind out to.

At least I got them done though. And that was the point. I realized that I had been putting this simple task off day after day and it hit me that I was being extremely lazy and that my old habits of leaving things unfinished was returning. So I set out to correct this, and then I did. Further, I realized that I had been slacking on the blog posts. So I corrected this too. With a poignant post about this very subject.

The point is, you need to accomplish your tasks. And they can be simple and they often are. As I wrote about before, always make your bed. Then always do your laundry. Always wash your dishes. Always do those things that you say you will do. If you do this you will become a person of habitual action. If you do not, and you let yourself repeatedly slip, then you become a person of habitual inaction. Which is basically most people.

It’s the easy route to take. Just be lazy. Don’t do anything. Leave everything a mess, don’t put in effort, be late to work.

Screw that. Get your things in order and do things when you say you will or when you originally set out to do them. Of course some times things come up and you need to set them aside for a later date. But ideally, you should set that date and get them done by or on that time. Keep your priorities defined and your tasks completed.


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