Achieving Nirvana


Today I thought of a lesson that I have heard many times, and one that I have given many times. And it is the simple mantra of “suck it up.” Sometimes things are not going the way you want it to. Or someone says something that is snide, you know, something just to get under your skin. Take the high road and

suck it up.

Because if you don’t you can often cause lots of problems. Now I know sometimes you need to stand up for yourself and not just take it. But most of the time, like in certain professional environments, or out in public, etc. responding to these petty comments and insults, etc. would just make a scene and things might go downhill really quickly.

It is likely in one’s best interest to let that moment pass and not let it bother you. Or, at the very least just appear to not let it bother you. Many people act in a snide manner or are petty because they want to get at you. This is what they are after.

They want to piss you off.

Don’t let that happen. Don’t even hold your head high, just hold it at a normal level. Act as if these silly things don’t bother you, and after a while they honestly might not. Approaching life in a Stoic manner can be challenging but I think it is a skill that can be learned. The more you realize that petty behavior really is what it is, the sooner it will not get under your skin.

And when people cannot get under your skin, trust me, that will get under their skin.

Talk about a feeling of sweet revenge. But at this point you will be so Stoic you won’t even care about the feeling of revenge. Because that is often very petty as well. So cheers, to achieving Nirvana; at least in the places that matter.


Keep Smiling,


Cut Your Losses


Recently at my job my Boss and I have been going through a predicament. I work for a Storage business and we have an issue with some of our tenants. Unfortunately a few of them have skipped out on their bills and they have a very large delinquent balance which we are owed.

Some of these balances number in the thousands and it is quite clear to me that they likely have absolutely no way to pay it off; now or ever. One of them even filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy. So yeah, that happened.

Now we are really are screwed.

Anyway, this whole ordeal got me thinking. I would rather make a deal to have waive these tenants outstanding balances completely in the agreement that they remove their belongings within the month or else they relinquish their property rights to us. This idea of mine makes it so we can just move on. After all we are taking a double loss being in the storage business. The first loss is that we are not getting paid for the rent which we are owed. The second loss is that we have deadweight inventory. If we could move past this deadbeat we could get another customer into the same storage unit who would actually pay their bills. So long as these deadbeats and their inventory are still in our system then every month we are losing more and more money.

I want to cut the losses here and now.

Now, this is an opinion of mine, much in the same vein as my father. If I deal with bullshit, I like to just move past it and onto a brighter future. My boss is different, and he too is like his father. They want payment from these deadbeats, as they are owed. And, I cannot blame them, they have every right to want payment.

However, I just don’t see it practically happening.

This is why I have been talking to my boss about just moving on and taking the loss so we can get the win in the future. Now, this is a difference in philosophy, and I am not sure as to whether either of us is objectively right or wrong. But, in my opinion, I think that in our case it would be better to just move on: especially since I have ideas on how to get some new tenants in the building.

Again, this is my code. When you deal with bullshit, cut your loss as soon as possible and move on. Dealing with retribution feels good, but it often it is messy, takes a ton of time, and then no one really wins.

I’m here to cut the check. So I say, let’s cut the losses.

Drop me a comment here please, I want to know your opinions on this subject. Tell me if you think I am right or wrong and I would like you to give me an example in your life from your experiences as to why you agree or disagree. Then after reading them I will come back and re-visit this post. If for many of you this might be your first time commenting on a post, please do it.

I look forward to reading them and hearing your reasoning.


Keep Smiling,


Don’t do it for the 100, Do it for the 1.

Recently I have begun playing Call of Duty Black Ops 4 for the PC on my twitch stream. And I have found something quite amazing. In the Battle Royale mode, a chat client is enabled allowing all players in the game to talk to one another. Now, for most people there is little point in using this other than talking some shit, but for me it is otherwise.

I now have an avenue to advertise my stream to 99 other players every single Battle Royale I play. This I simply fantastic. I have yet to play a single game where I can get this level of attention for my stream so easily. Many games have few players involved so the reach is not that big when it is possible to message them, and other Battle Royale games do not even have a chat client to begin with. To find a game that has a ton of players and a working chat client is unbelievable.

So I have been at it.

Every game I say hello to the players, follow up with a message about watching my show if they die (99% of them will since only 1 out of 100 people can win the game), and then I post the link to my twitch stream. (

And oh my God you know what happens next.


“Fuck your stream”

“Why would I watch trash”

“Probably has 0 viewers”


And more. Much more.

But do you want to know the truth? How I really feel? The truth of the matter is

I could not give





And I will tell you why. Streaming is not about the haters. It is about the fans. Not everyone is going to like you. That is just not at all ever in the realm of possibility in this life. So I don’t look for it. And you shouldn’t either.  And if you do you should stop. Otherwise your life is going to be miserable because you want something absolutely unreasonable.

So when I post my link, I don’t do it thinking all of the people in the game are going to come in and check out my channel and love me. In fact I think the contrary. I post my link for that potential one person who is interested and comes in checks me out and then has a good time watching my show.

I do it for the 1 not for the 100.


Focus on the right people, not all the people. Aim to gather fans, and ignore the hate. The only way to grow a fanbase is to get out there. And that means weathering the storm of everyone telling you that you are shit and you can’t and won’t make it. Welcome to being an entrepreneur. That is just how the dice rolls. At times the hate sucks and it can be hard to deal with it, but my advice for how to do so is twofold.

First accept that it is standard. You aren’t special. People aren’t hating on you because of who you are. (Remember they don’t even know you, they haven’t even watched your show) They are hating on you because of what you are trying to do. By putting yourself out there and trying to make it, either in entertainment, business, or anything, you are broadcasting to others that you are trying to live your dream. This is something that countless humans try to do but fail to accomplish. Get ready to be hated because you are trying to live something they can only dream of. So just accept your fate and embrace the hate. It is just standard operating procedure.

But Second, pay attention to your fans. Don’t focus on the wrong people. The Haters don’t deserver your time. Fill your thoughts with those who love you, and do not dwell on those who don’t. You do this and you are on your way to making it.

So again,
Don’t do it for the 100. Do it for the 1. And you will be surprised at how soon those 1s make a 100.


Keep Smiling,