Oh the Irony


Today’s post is honestly hilarious. Yesterday I wrote a blog about how I was going to do real estate my way, namely by not being too pushy and just handing out my card instead of really pushing to get phone numbers. Well yesterday I learned at my ColdWell Banker class that that is called Marketing.

Which is not prospecting.

And prospecting for quality leads is what I really need to do. In fact, it is the only way that I will ever get paid. The teacher of the class Jeff made it clear to me that my strategy was based solely on hope, which is not at all enough.

I agree completely.

So in the span of just one day I have made a total 180 degree turn on how I am going to reach out and prospect for leads. I will still do marketing, but I do need to push further and really get people’s contact information so that I can reach and call them, email them, etc;

Really just make sure they know that I do real estate.

Because people do forget, and there are a lot of different Real estate agents to choose from. I was told that the South Bay of Los Angeles has 5,000 different agents.

That’s a lot of competition.

But it doesn’t mean that I am screwed. I can definitely do it, but I need to work hard, and to work smart. And that starts with calling my closest friends and family and really letting them know that this is my job and that if they meet someone I would greatly appreciate the referral.

It’s funny how I thought one way yesterday, and another way today, but I will take it from the expert whose job is to literally increase agent productivity, so with that said I am going to listen to him and reach out to my sphere of influence and further inform people that I meet that I would really appreciate their referral when they meet someone that is interested in buying or selling.

While many of you may not be interested in buying or selling, or know anyone currently that is, statistics show that over a period of 12 months you will likely encounter between 5 to 7 people that will be. When that happens I would appreciate it more than ever if you would refer me as a real estate agent to them and give me a call.


As well as this I have decided to start a YouTube and record my progress as a real estate agent and document the whole experience. I was a twitch streamer for many years so I know that this is something that I can do well, and quite frankly I have a computer that is too good to just sit around and collect dust. Time to get it working again editing some videos.

Now, I am off to work, it’;s time to prospect and see some open houses for the day, so thanks for reading, and always remember,


Keep Smiling,


My Moment


This past weekend I finally got to do something that I had never done before:

Be an extra in a real production movie.

I know I know, it’s all happening so fast. Not only did they say that I absolutely killed it on day one, they even wanted me to come back to reprise my role for a second day. I don’t want to rust to judgement or anything,

But I think this was my moment.

Hey everyone starts somewhere right? Hahaha joking aside I really did have a fun time being on set seeing how the actors got ready for their roles as well as all the people behind the scenes that make the whole process go smoothly. There were multiple camera men, the producer, the director, assistant director, the boom guy, make-up artist, designer, and numerous other people that had roles of which I just don’t even know the names yet.

There are a lot of jobs on movie sets.

The movie is called “Take me to Tarzana” and it is about a group of office workers that take down the evil corporation Teleplex. Based on my past office jobs I can relate to the script. Especially about the constant sexual harassment from my bosses.

I am just too attractive you know?

Talk about a cross to bear. Anyways, back to the jobs on set. Adam was one of the chief people behind the scenes making sure that everyone was where they were supposed to be and would contact the other extras and myself as to when we should get downstairs as well as when we should be quiet as they were recording. Chloe also did that as well, she was would say kindly,


She is a very subtle person. But we were able to get the message. Truth is you need to be extra quiet when they are recording because the mic will pic lots of sound up, especially footsteps from people upstairs or in neighboring rooms, and then if too much sound is picked up they will have to shoot the scene all over again, which just wastes everyone’s time.

I really enjoyed the whole experience on set, and even better I actually met multiple clients who were interested in buying houses! Talk about a win-win. Who knows maybe if I keep this up I will be “Realtor to the stars.”

I’ll gladly take that job.

Nearing the end of the second day I was there, which was the last day on set, Adam gave us extras a very nice thank-you note for us helping out on the set. It was written on the paper towel pictured above, which was fucking hilarious, and I will be honest, one of the extras Adele, came up with the idea to add the Cheeto dust.

Which was even more hilarious.

So full disclosure, in defense of Adam, he was classy enough to give us a clean paper towel. We added the Cheeto dust. But now the elephant in the room was that there was only thank you for all of us extras so I asked them all that if I could have their permission to take it and turn into art. The note read,

“You guys are AWESOME background! – Certified, Adam Kromachou ESQ.”

Talk about professional. And touching. From its inception this note was begging to be high art. So by unanimous agreement the extras banded together and commissioned me to honor this great piece of “Take me to Tarzana” history and turn it into the masterpiece that you all see above. I know that I have served my brothers and sisters in extra-ness well.

“Take me to Tarzana” is scheduled for release in 2020 so be on the lookout for it, as well as that dapper young man in the grey suit, blue shirt, and the ridiculous bowling-esque shirt.

Five Star IMDB reviews only.

Extra gang till the day we die.


Keep Smiling,




A Simple Lesson


Yesterday I received a call. Unfortunately it was not a potential buyer or seller of property as a newly licensed real estate agent like myself would hope for, but rather it was a telemarketer. He then began to try to get me to buy something or do a survey, either of which I was not interested in. I could tell he was pressing me and he knew that I was not interested so I then decided to press back.

I will be honest I had a beer in me so I was being a little silly. I then asked him if he was interested in making an offer on a house in a particular city. He told me he was not and then replied well what about with another house in another area.

He then said to me,

“Sir if you are going to waste my time I will make you regret it.”

I thought to myself oh shit, this telemarketer is threatening me.

This was a first.

Instantly I said alright then and decided to not waste his time and I hung up. The man then preceded to call my phone repeatedly of which I answered every time only to hear dead air.

Finally I blocked the number.

But again, it got me thinking. I really did not need to mess back with that telemarketer. All I should have done was say sorry I am not interested, have a nice day, and hung up the phone. Instead by messing with him I ended up making him mad and he started to screw with me. Not only was I being unprofessional from the get go, which I shouldn’t be, I then risked making an enemy.

The lesson here is don’t act in any manner that is unnecessary, even if you are getting harassed non-stop every day from telemarketers.

Just behave professionally and end the call. And in other circumstances as well, behave professionally. You never know when someone might snap and get angry and then ruin your day.

It’s not worth it.

Just maintain a good level of professionalism and even if people mess with you, just brush it off and carry on. I will just tell future telemarketers that I am not interested at this time and that I am busy, thank them for the offer, but then hang up. Anything more is just unnecessary.


Keep Smiling,


Being there in a time of need


Today I received a call. It was from Alex. I was about to go to work. He said to me,

“I need your help.”

I looked at my watch. I had somewhere to be. But I could tell he was in a time of need. I knew that this was one of those moments in life where the rubber meets the road and that I had to be there for my friend. I asked what was the matter. He said,

“I locked my keys in the car, and the spare is at home and I could use a ride.”

I laughed and said of course man, I will be right on over. I called my boss first and told him the situation and he gave me the okay to come in a little bit. So then I swung by and picked him up my friend. We both hadn’t eaten breakfast yet so we stopped by a McDonalds on our way back to his house to get the spare the key. We recovered the key and then I dropped him back off at the car as I then drove into work.

It all worked out, and further it gave me something to write about.

I was glad Alex called me because after all I was able to help and it really was no big deal. He could have ended up calling auto club but then they would have to get into his car and charge him at the end of the process, but by calling me and since I was available, we were able to have a nice morning together and turn a lemon into some lemonade.

It got me thinking, as life events often do, that it is good to reach out to your friends in times of need, especially when they are small ones. I was happy to help out, and I was happy that he asked me to do so. Too often do we not reach out to our friends when in reality they would love to help us out.

It was not at all too much to ask for me to give him a ride.

When you think about it, how often do we get a call from a friend asking for a huge favor versus when friend calls asking for a tiny favor? I find the latter happens much less of the time than the former. But so often, when maybe we could use some help we think to ourselves that it would be too much to ask, and that maybe we don’t want to inconvenience our friends, or waste their time, etc., only to sometimes end up in messes later on that are way much more of a problem than they should have been due to us not asking for help in the first place.

So that is my nugget for today. If you need a little help, or a small favor, reach out to your friends. There is nothing wrong with that: in fact that is what friends are for. And for when your friends reach out to you for help, if it is manageable, extended yourself to them and help them out.

Heck, you might get a nice thank-you dinner out of it too.


Keep Smiling,