Learned a Lesson & Made Lemonade

I’m really glad I carry my camera everywhere I go these days. I had no idea that tonight SpaceX was launching a rocket, but when I heard the news I scrambled into action to get some shots. Unfortunately It was almost nighttime, with the sun just barely glowing over the horizon, and to be completely honest I am a total newbie when it comes to using my Sony DSLR. So when I went to take some shots, the focus wasn’t that great and I wasn’t able to get the clear shots I wanted. But hey, now that I missed a rare opportunity to get a spectacular photo it has motivated me to stop being lazy. If I want to be ready for the next time something amazing occurs I need to learn how to operate my camera appropriately. In the meantime I decided to take a photo from tonight and turn it into an editing experiment. I call this series #full100 because every effect I added on this shot I either turned up or down to 100. Yes you heard me. I went full 100. No one ever goes full 100. Except me.

Keep smiling,