Everyone Judges. You do too.


Today’s post is a fun, light-hearted poke at a serious truth.

Everyone judges, and yes, you do too.

Just look at me. I mean, those shades are fucking ridiculous. And yes I already know what you are thinking.

What a tool.

I knew that was going to happen when I put them on too. But my date didn’t believe me. We went biking along the strand yesterday and as we were taking the bikes out I went to grab a pair of sunglasses and I saw my White Oakley’s. I purchased these about a year ago, and for way too much money as well, and I had not worn them in quite some time.

Chiefly because of all the attention that they get.

And not really good attention either. I told her that something was going to happen just by wearing these glasses. She laughed, and I told her just watch. About 15 minutes later we are biking by the street and a car drives by yelling,


I look at her and she laughing her ass off. I’m just getting roasted by passerbys. But it even got better. As we neared the Hermosa Pier there are three surfers getting out of the water and walking to their cars as I am passing by them. After I pass by them I turn around and look at my date who is considerably farther behind me at this point. I look at her and I make the “Loser Sign” with my hand on my forehead to let her know that I am biking faster than her. When she caught up to me, she while laughing informed to me that the surfers thought I was talking about them and yelled back,


Just as when I saw them and I thought “what a bunch of kooks” they thought “what a fucking tool.” Got to love how we all judge at first sight! Hahaha and now by this point the Oakley’s had just become a meme and then my date and I turned them into a photoshoot. Concluding the events of the day, the date went well and the whole day was great, we thoroughly enjoyed wearing the shades, but the lesson was noted.

If you dress like a tool you will be perceived as one.

And this is just part of the lesson that everyone judges. Sometimes it is correct, sometimes it is wrong, but people do it all the time, everyday, and this won’t be changing anytime soon. So take my example of my White Oakley’s to heart, think about how you present yourself and how you want other people to react to you.

Yesterday I totally did not care about what these people thought, but I fully understood that this was likely to happen when I chose to wear those sunglasses before we headed out. I could have played it low-key and wore regular shades, but instead I went for the clout.

And hey I got it, but I also got trolled too.

So let it be known, how you present yourself is how you will likely be treated. And whether the reactions you get are justified or not, this is largely immaterial. Because much of how you look is in your control, and it is a choice as to whether you want to risk these reactions by presenting yourself in such a manner.

Don’t let this stop you necessarily from dressing like a tool, I did it yesterday and trust me I am going to do it again, but I will say that I am not going to be complaining one bit when I catch some flak for it.

And I know I will. These Oakley’s are a flak magnet.

But damn. I do look good in them.


Keep Smiling,



What We Need


Today there are so many choices. For everything, really. We live in a highly consumerist society where there is almost infinite choices. Infinite choices of what to eat, who to date, and even which blogs to read.

Thank you for choosing mine reader.

But for today I am going to focus on the choices we have to drink. There is coffee (which I love), beer, wine, milk, tea, soda, etc. and more, but one drink we should not forget is water.

I know. You know this. I know this. But do we actually drink it?

Doctors and Health experts today say that we should drink at least eight glasses of water a day, with eight oz being the standard size of cup. And although we all have heard this many many times, how many of us actually drink this much water?

I for a fact, almost never do.

And I really should. Because almost nothing is better for you than water. And it doesn’t even have to be designer water either. I tell you people, I proudly drink tap water. Trust me, it’s fine, and it isn’t going to kill you. Sure Smart Water, Hydrogen Water, Alkaline Water, Dasani, etc. is all well and good, but that sure is more expensive than tap.

So I really don’t mind tap.

But the main point of this little article, is to reinforce the importance of drinking water and of staying hydrated. Being hydrated keeps you more energized, focused, and healthier. Do it. Go get a glass of water while you read this blog. Drink that cup. Put that coffee down. Coffee is for people that have already drank water today.



I am here on a mission of mercy. To let everyone know once again that water is good for humans, myself included. So cheers, and drink up. It’s what we need.


Keep Smiling,




Recently I have been streaming like an absolute monster. Four hours every night from 6:30 to 10:30, and often the stream goes over, and then for almost two hours every morning. You mix that in with my day job, my phone calls while I am driving in my car, my normal talking, and then some singing practice, and that is a total recipe to kill my voice.

I have been hoarse for a week straight.

I really need to do something different. I need some more voice rest or I am just going to kill it. So I have been thinking about changing up my night stream. Giving up one hour at night seems to be the only real time I can easily do it as the morning streams are proving to be very successful. I don’t want to take away any time from those, and the night stream is already much longer so that seems to be the only logical time slot where I can cut out some of my talking.

I can’t not talk at work, and I can’t really cut out the phone calls I am making every day, and the singing practice is something that if I can stick to will really pay dividends later on. The more entertaining aspects I can pick up the better for my show, especially since I also play some guitar. Singing goes hand in hand.

If I talk so much that I ruin my voice constantly, I don’t think that is a win. Additionally I no longer even sound like myself, I just sound sick. Arcane came in the stream yesterday for the first time in a few days and that was his first comment.

I seriously need to rest my voice.

I can easily start doing this by just streaming less, but I also need to talk less too. Thats going to be harder part. You all know me, I love to talk. Literally its my individual pastime. And I do it automatically too! That’s the hardest part, it’s not that I consciously am trying to talk a lot, I just do.

I really don’t know any other way.

I guess that makes it a both a blessing and a curse. And I feel blessed that I have fans to talk to, but cursed that talking to them so much is killing my voice. Anyway, I’m droning at this point, but I know that I need to put more rest into my daily schedule.

And honestly I really hate rest.

I just hate the idea of it. I want to go. I want to do. I want be doing something, anything, other than rest. But I don’t get to make the rules of this game (life), so I will just have to deal and play along. So here we go all, starting today I am going to end the stream at 9:30 PM so that I have more time to rest my vocal chords, but I am going to keep working on singing so that while I have less hours live every night, the ones that I do have will be more entertaining.

We are going for quality over quantity.

As we should be. After all, we all that a ten hour stream is not necessarily a good thing in itself. It may just be 10 hours straight of someone being really boring. That makes it a very bad thing actually. Instead of being boring for one or two hours, someone is boring for 10.

I’m working to avoid that by streaming a little bit less. Because I will be real, content gets used up quickly. Once you are out interesting or topical things to say then the show gets stale and in the worst case scenario it ends on a bad note.

I want to end my streams on a high note.

I would much rather have lots of fans wanting more at the end of my show begging me to stay streaming than for do my show for so long that they have already left because they have had their fill and got bored.

I want you to want me more.


And with that, Keep Smiling,