Drive Responsibly


Today started off like anything other Sunday. Enjoyed the weekend morning, rose up a little slower than usual, but then got to dealing with my day. I hopped in my car and started driving around town taking care of my errands for the day.

The next thing I know I am on PCH just minding my own business when this silver Honda is suddenly on my tail.

The car then rapidly accelerates past me and weaves in and out of traffic to only move one or two car lengths when we all get to the next red light. Funnily enough all the work he went to with his racer antics didn’t even get him ahead of me as the car he was then placed behind drove very slowly, and once again I was in front of him.

Which of course meant that he was soon going to be tailgating me again.

Which he did. I was not surprised. But I was incredibly nervous. This past summer I was involved in my first car crash, which totaled my car, which is not something that I ever want to repeat. And unfortunately this is not necessarily up to me.

Especially when you have assholes like this driving on the road.

Not only was his tailgating, weaving, and accelerating unnecessary, it didn’t stop there. We got to this one stretch in Redondo where this car literally drove in the opposite lane of traffic for hundreds and hundreds of feet just so he could reach a left turn lane at an intersection just a few seconds earlier than if he had just stayed behind my car.

I literally could not believe what I saw. The guy was an absolute madman.

I felt a little nervous for everyone that was going to be on Torrance Blvd. as that was the direction he was going, but I was relieved that he was off PCH. At least now I could feel safe.

Which brings me to the moral of story. Your driving is not just about you and your life. Everyone else on the road has one two. Don’t forget that. Drive responsibly. This means no excessive speeds, stay in the correct lanes, don’t look at the phone, and most importantly chill out.

Why is there the need to step on the gas and race to the next red light?

Drive your car like a normal human being should, and all of us other normal human beings will thank you deeply as the chances of us getting into a deadly car accident with you will be much much less.

Cars are dangerous in themselves, and in the hands of someone who is behaving foolishly they are a weapon.

Just play it safe. Drive responsibly.


Keep Smiling,



It’s a small world


Yesterday night, I was about to get home and every night before I finally get there I stop and talk to the security guard. Yes where I live currently at my friend’s place there is a security guard.

Bourgeoisie: I know.

But, I always make a point of stopping and talking to the people that work there because I see how so many of people that live there just drive right on through without giving a fuck to the people who work there everyday who actually keep their neighborhood safe. You would think these people would be a bit more thankful wouldn’t they? Anyways I know almost all of the guards by name now and we always catch up and talk about our days when I come in.

Yesterday I was talking to Julie about what had happened over my weekend and she was telling me about hers. She works hard. She’s only 18 years old and working two jobs full time. She has an impressive work ethic, and she doesn’t have to work that much, but she does. I really respect her drive. Anyways we chat a lot when I pull up and many cars that are coming in just go around mine as Julie waves them in.

Then this one blue Audi with blacked out windows passes me. I look at those and just say

“that’s illegal tint.”

I look at Julie and ask who that is as she knows all the residents of the neighborhood by name. She says his name was Ryan and then I instantly knew who it was. It was an old friend of mine that I went to school with! I say keep smiling Julie and I’ll see you tomorrow. I gas my car and chase Ryan down.

When I pull up next to him he had no idea what was going on and who I was and then I asked him if he remembered me. He couldn’t place it right away but when I said “Nolan” he went nuts. The two of us got out and caught up for hours. Turns out both of us had done car sales, he still does them actually at Audi currently. I went inside and met up with his folks too as I hand’t seen them in a long time and turns out his father plays golf with my boss at work.

What an even smaller world.

After more talking, finally I went up the street and headed to bed, and I fell asleep in a good state of mind. It was really nice to catch up with an old friend and further to find out that we were even more connected than I thought. It really is strange how small the world is and how moments like this can happen if you just talk to people.

Had I never decided to talk to the guards everyday I would not have met Julie and I would never have known that my friend Ryan was back living in the area.

But thankfully I did.

So cheers to the small world that we all live in, and I highly encourage you to seize those moments when there is a chance to reconnect with someone from your past, you don’t get those too often, and you never know what might come of them in the long run.

You just might make a new old friend.


Keep Smiling,


It’s so easy


Today’s post is a simple, but important post. It’s about something that many of us human beings will always struggle with: spending money.

It is so easy to spend money.

On phones, on computers, on clothes, on food, on friends, on dates, on concerts, on furniture, on cars, on boats, on homes, on anything at all.

But, if we don’t get a handle on ourselves then we will really be screwed. Remember, that no matter how much money you have, you can spend it very easily. There is always something out there with a high enough price tag that you can easily waste away all that you have come into.

Take Terrell Owens for example. One of my bosses back at BMW actually had his daughter on the same volleyball team as T.O.’s daughter so he got to know the man personally. Small world.

So Terrell Owens was an absolute NFL Superstar who made over 60$ million while he played football. Now he is worth somewhere between 100,000$ to 2$ million. Much less than what he used to be. And why? Because he couldn’t control his spending habits and his life decisions. You truly can have all the money in the world but if you don’t watch what you do with it it will be gone an instant. And then you might find yourself in a new position where the money doesn’t come in like it did. In his case he was a professional athlete who lost the inevitable battle with time and was no longer as fit to play as he used to be.

And we will all lose to the battle of time. That is why we need to invest.

And this means evaluating our desires. Do we really need those things that we think we do? Today I was looking at a little camera pouch for my camera to put in my backpack. I went into a camera store looking for a cover, but I really didn’t find anything that worked that great. The store worker then kept looking for something else that would fit but each time the price was a little higher and then I thought to myself.

“Do I really need this?”

My answer was no, I don’t. So I thanked him for his time but said that I think I will pass on getting another accessory today and walked out. In that moment, and now, I am proud of my decision. Yes, it was only for 20$ or so, but that is 20$ that is still in my pocket. I didn’t need to spend it and I am glad that I did not.

Further, I recently have been evaluating the things that I have thought about doing to my car. I wanted this suspension, and this intake, and this tune, etc. But then the more I thought about it, I really don’t need to spend all that money on extra parts for my car when I have a payment to worry about. Sure, I wasn’t really going to do it and it was something more for me to think about more than anything, but it got me thinking, if I did come into money where I could take care of my payment and then modify my car, that would not really be wise. I would spend all this money on something that will inevitably lose money (cars) whereas I could save it for more useful purposes such as rent and other investments.

Cars are a principal example of something that I enjoy that can and will eat up all my money if I don’t get a handle on myself. I love lots of cars, but I never will be satisfied. And I have started to coming to terms with this such that I now am really starting to love my current car, a 2015 BMW 435i. Now, I always liked my car, but I had a 2015 M4 before it.

Now, that car was cool.

But it was also a lot more money, and also pretty dangerous. Among other things. Unfortunately, or fortunately (life has a strange way of making things work), a man crashed into me and totaled the car. I ended up walking away totally fine (knock on wood nothing happens down the line) and I actually made money off the crash via the insurance company. I also then was offered a job to sell insurance as a result of going through the claims process and then I quit my job in BMW auto sales and passed my insurance test. A ton of other things happened, but that is another story.

But after the crash I got another BMW but this time I decided to get a car that was not as expensive as the previous M4. I do well now, I won’t hide that from you reader, but taking on the M4 payment was a little much. I luckily had the time to re-evaluate my purchase and get something that was easier to manage.¬†And it also has taught me a good lesson too.

It really is about the payment.

If you can afford it, then do what you want. But be careful. What does afford mean? I would define afford as your ability to spend money on things that essentially you don’t need. The type of money you would burn otherwise.

So think about that. Save your money, and if you are going to spend some, think about whether it’s burnable money. If it’s for something that you need, then you have to get it. But if you don’t need it, but you want it, think if your money is burnable.

If it isn’t, save it.

Otherwise you won’t have any left in no time.


Keep Smiling,


Something to keep me busy

Today’s post is kind of silly but it’s also serious. It’s all about how I keep myself from going nuts.

The answer is to always think.

I always have something going through my head so I’m never bored. When I was young, and even at times when I was older, I thought about card games. Which cards I would draw and how to play them, and all the different scenarios.

Thinking about possible permutations would keep my brain engaged and gave me something to dwell on when nothing else was going on.

A sort of way to stay creative if you will.

When I bought my Subaru STI hatchback the mental games really turned up a notch. I moved from cards to car parts. And my wallet took a hit.

But this has proven to be a great way to keep my brain busy. Cars are infinite sources of change and modification. So many things to change like tires, wheels, suspension, body kits, tunes, towhooks, etc.

The list literally goes on forever. It’s amazing. It always gives me something to think about, even when I don’t ever actually purchase anything.

Oddly enough, when I had my BMW M4 there was nothing to do. The car was already such a beast what was I to upgrade? The suspension was insane, the horsepower was more insane, the body kit already was outfitted with carbon fiber, and the wheels were beyond clean. There was nothing to change, and this nothing to think about.

But then it got totaled.

So it was back to the drawing board with getting a new car and this time around I decided to lower the monthly payment. I suck with BMW and the 4 Series but instead of another M4 I was more responsible and went with the 435i. And this car is nice. Totally outfitted with the technology package, the convenience package, heated seats, heads up display, and the M-Sport package along with M-Sport brakes.

But still it ain’t no M4. As such, there are lots of things to things to think about again.

Hooray! I guess it all worked out lol.

So now I spend the time when my brain isn’t occupied with work or something necessary with thoughts on modifying my car.

What I am thinking about now is sort of a pipe dream, but hey that’s the point, a man can dream right?

So here’s the list everyone. Feel free to send me the money by PayPal if you want to help a brother out.

Bronze TE-37 Volks Wheels

KW-3 Coilovers

JB4 Berger Motorsports tune

I haven’t made my mind up on the tires, and there will always be something else but what I am trying to do with my 435i is keep it looking really classy and low key but have it be much more than what meets the eye. The Volks obviously would make it pop and man I think white on bronze just looks fly. Black wheels are cool but as my friend John says,

“Just played out too much.”

The coil overs are definitely necessary because I won’t lie, the suspension in the 4 series just flat out isn’t stiff enough. Something needs to be done.

Change that and add a Berger tune? We’re talking another 80+ HP just with stock parts only? Oh man this is now a whole new car.

Well, at this point it’s time for the stream so I’m going to head on over there. Stop by and watch sometime people. We can talk about car parts too.

Keep Smiling,