It’s so easy


Today’s post is a simple, but important post. It’s about something that many of us human beings will always struggle with: spending money.

It is so easy to spend money.

On phones, on computers, on clothes, on food, on friends, on dates, on concerts, on furniture, on cars, on boats, on homes, on anything at all.

But, if we don’t get a handle on ourselves then we will really be screwed. Remember, that no matter how much money you have, you can spend it very easily. There is always something out there with a high enough price tag that you can easily waste away all that you have come into.

Take Terrell Owens for example. One of my bosses back at BMW actually had his daughter on the same volleyball team as T.O.’s daughter so he got to know the man personally. Small world.

So Terrell Owens was an absolute NFL Superstar who made over 60$ million while he played football. Now he is worth somewhere between 100,000$ to 2$ million. Much less than what he used to be. And why? Because he couldn’t control his spending habits and his life decisions. You truly can have all the money in the world but if you don’t watch what you do with it it will be gone an instant. And then you might find yourself in a new position where the money doesn’t come in like it did. In his case he was a professional athlete who lost the inevitable battle with time and was no longer as fit to play as he used to be.

And we will all lose to the battle of time. That is why we need to invest.

And this means evaluating our desires. Do we really need those things that we think we do? Today I was looking at a little camera pouch for my camera to put in my backpack. I went into a camera store looking for a cover, but I really didn’t find anything that worked that great. The store worker then kept looking for something else that would fit but each time the price was a little higher and then I thought to myself.

“Do I really need this?”

My answer was no, I don’t. So I thanked him for his time but said that I think I will pass on getting another accessory today and walked out. In that moment, and now, I am proud of my decision. Yes, it was only for 20$ or so, but that is 20$ that is still in my pocket. I didn’t need to spend it and I am glad that I did not.

Further, I recently have been evaluating the things that I have thought about doing to my car. I wanted this suspension, and this intake, and this tune, etc. But then the more I thought about it, I really don’t need to spend all that money on extra parts for my car when I have a payment to worry about. Sure, I wasn’t really going to do it and it was something more for me to think about more than anything, but it got me thinking, if I did come into money where I could take care of my payment and then modify my car, that would not really be wise. I would spend all this money on something that will inevitably lose money (cars) whereas I could save it for more useful purposes such as rent and other investments.

Cars are a principal example of something that I enjoy that can and will eat up all my money if I don’t get a handle on myself. I love lots of cars, but I never will be satisfied. And I have started to coming to terms with this such that I now am really starting to love my current car, a 2015 BMW 435i. Now, I always liked my car, but I had a 2015 M4 before it.

Now, that car was cool.

But it was also a lot more money, and also pretty dangerous. Among other things. Unfortunately, or fortunately (life has a strange way of making things work), a man crashed into me and totaled the car. I ended up walking away totally fine (knock on wood nothing happens down the line) and I actually made money off the crash via the insurance company. I also then was offered a job to sell insurance as a result of going through the claims process and then I quit my job in BMW auto sales and passed my insurance test. A ton of other things happened, but that is another story.

But after the crash I got another BMW but this time I decided to get a car that was not as expensive as the previous M4. I do well now, I won’t hide that from you reader, but taking on the M4 payment was a little much. I luckily had the time to re-evaluate my purchase and get something that was easier to manage. And it also has taught me a good lesson too.

It really is about the payment.

If you can afford it, then do what you want. But be careful. What does afford mean? I would define afford as your ability to spend money on things that essentially you don’t need. The type of money you would burn otherwise.

So think about that. Save your money, and if you are going to spend some, think about whether it’s burnable money. If it’s for something that you need, then you have to get it. But if you don’t need it, but you want it, think if your money is burnable.

If it isn’t, save it.

Otherwise you won’t have any left in no time.


Keep Smiling,


Something to keep me busy

Today’s post is kind of silly but it’s also serious. It’s all about how I keep myself from going nuts.

The answer is to always think.

I always have something going through my head so I’m never bored. When I was young, and even at times when I was older, I thought about card games. Which cards I would draw and how to play them, and all the different scenarios.

Thinking about possible permutations would keep my brain engaged and gave me something to dwell on when nothing else was going on.

A sort of way to stay creative if you will.

When I bought my Subaru STI hatchback the mental games really turned up a notch. I moved from cards to car parts. And my wallet took a hit.

But this has proven to be a great way to keep my brain busy. Cars are infinite sources of change and modification. So many things to change like tires, wheels, suspension, body kits, tunes, towhooks, etc.

The list literally goes on forever. It’s amazing. It always gives me something to think about, even when I don’t ever actually purchase anything.

Oddly enough, when I had my BMW M4 there was nothing to do. The car was already such a beast what was I to upgrade? The suspension was insane, the horsepower was more insane, the body kit already was outfitted with carbon fiber, and the wheels were beyond clean. There was nothing to change, and this nothing to think about.

But then it got totaled.

So it was back to the drawing board with getting a new car and this time around I decided to lower the monthly payment. I suck with BMW and the 4 Series but instead of another M4 I was more responsible and went with the 435i. And this car is nice. Totally outfitted with the technology package, the convenience package, heated seats, heads up display, and the M-Sport package along with M-Sport brakes.

But still it ain’t no M4. As such, there are lots of things to things to think about again.

Hooray! I guess it all worked out lol.

So now I spend the time when my brain isn’t occupied with work or something necessary with thoughts on modifying my car.

What I am thinking about now is sort of a pipe dream, but hey that’s the point, a man can dream right?

So here’s the list everyone. Feel free to send me the money by PayPal if you want to help a brother out.

Bronze TE-37 Volks Wheels

KW-3 Coilovers

JB4 Berger Motorsports tune

I haven’t made my mind up on the tires, and there will always be something else but what I am trying to do with my 435i is keep it looking really classy and low key but have it be much more than what meets the eye. The Volks obviously would make it pop and man I think white on bronze just looks fly. Black wheels are cool but as my friend John says,

“Just played out too much.”

The coil overs are definitely necessary because I won’t lie, the suspension in the 4 series just flat out isn’t stiff enough. Something needs to be done.

Change that and add a Berger tune? We’re talking another 80+ HP just with stock parts only? Oh man this is now a whole new car.

Well, at this point it’s time for the stream so I’m going to head on over there. Stop by and watch sometime people. We can talk about car parts too.

Keep Smiling,


How to beat the DMV


While much of the time I write about intellectual topics, or theoretic, things to consider etc., today my post is very practical. Real world real problem talk today.

Today I will teach you how to beat the DMV.

That’s right settle down readers. I know you are on the tip of your toes as to how. Trust me I got you, and the answer is simple.

Wait for bad weather.

Nobody wants to wait outside at the DMV when there is rain. Except for me, and all the intelligent people that I ran into at the DMV today (which were few.) Normally, you could plan on waiting in line for hours, but no so with terrible weather. And what was even better about today was that the real bad weather doesn’t start until later in the afternoon.

But the threat of bad weather did the trick. People that normally would have gone to the DMV today to take care of their respective issues decided to stay at home and wait for another day. I got to tell you, I have never spent less time in a California DMV than I did today. I literally waited in the post office afterwards for almost a longer duration of time. Funnily enough, I ran into a woman that I was in line with at the DMV prior. Pretty crazy coincidence right?

I got her number.

Boom! One win having a short line at the DMV and then, Boom! Second win getting a cute girls number, and then, Boom! Third win when I freestyled this in the car right afterwards to my new friend 80purppp’s beat while driving away in the BMW with my new vanity plate that I picked up today.

“Woke up got a number

I just got another

she a pretty girl yeah

might be baby mother

shoutout to the brother (80!)

future lady lover

getting undercover

but I ain’t undercover yeah”


So far its been a rad day. And I thought it was going to start off bad, just because the entire world know that the DMV is the worst place on earth, and I feared that I would have to spend a good amount of time there. But I had the idea what if it will go quick because the of weather? I decided to give it a shot anyways and the weather the weather no matter whether there was weather or not. (I can’t help but even rap when I write now, its too much fun ya’ll.)

No issues though. My idea worked, so I got my new license plates and then some free time on top. Just enough to get some envelopes and stamps for sending out fan mail as well as time to write a new blog post and grab a coffee. And got a number on top.

The day really can’t get off to a better start can it?

Well now its time to wrap this up and get on going about the regular day. Time to clock out of the blog and block in to the normal job. Then afterwards tonight I’ll get to clock into the fun job. See ya’ll in the chat.


Beat the DMV and keep smiling,


Rack City


Damn. Look at that. Clean Wash, Clean Wheels, Clean Roof Racks.

Recently I installed a pair of INNO Roof Racks to the top of my Subaru 08 WRX STI and I could not be happier. With a healthy mix of style and function my Subaru is looking cleaner and meaner than ever.

My friend Junpei at INNO really provided me with the hookup so that I could spread that word about how awesome INNO is. And trust me, this is an easy sell. I have been wanting roof racks for quite some time as everyone in the Subaru community already knows just how naked Subies are without them. Throw a pair of these bad boys on and your car has a totally new look.


Now what you are looking at here are the Base Racks plus the additional Surf/Kayak Racks. First the Base Racks are needed to then put on the additional attachment Racks. While currently I only have the Surf/Kayak Racks for now, there are also Bike Racks, Snow/Ski Racks, and other Containers that you can outfit onto your vehicle. INNO makes these for all types of cars and models, so if you have been looking to go Surf, Snowboard, Ride, or Camp but you need that extra space in your vehicle, look no further than INNO and get your car well equipped to handle the day. Stop by to browse for what might fit your best interests.

Now, I am an active person. I snowboarded regularly this season, I have gotten into Mountain Biking and Surfing, but I did not only get these racks for practical purposes. While they certainly are practical for me and my lifestyle, they also are a bold fashion statement. With a front lip, side skirts, Red Hella Horns, and Enkei PF-01s, already rocking on my Subie, these INNO Racks add that last touch that make my car look complete. And I could not be happier.

My Car already gets a fair amount of attention but ever since the Racks were installed it has most certainly increased. The style the Racks add by their appearance themselves is already very nice, but the message they send is even more powerful. They subtley tell viewers that this driver gets outside. He goes places. He lives an active life. A Subaru with Roof Racks is like a Jeep with Tire and the jack on the back.

It’s just how it should be.

Thanks again to Junpei at for hooking me up. I can’t wait to use my new racks even more. I highly recommend anyone who is thinking about either completing their cars look, or who is looking to get outside and live actively (or both) to check out INNO Racks. They are stylish, but most important they are quality. I felt it installing them. They aren’t cheap crap. And this is good, because you never want that on your car. Your car is a statement. Make it look clean.


Make it look INNO.


Keep Smiling Everyone,