Just write something

Today as I winded down my twitch show, I was not sure what to write about. Now, it wasn’t that I had a lack of topics to write about, it was in fact the exact opposite.

There were a few topics that I bounced around to myself, but I couldn’t decide. Then it hit me.

Just write about writing something. So I did.

This little blog entry is all about making up your mind and doing something; even if it really inst that much. Because it is better to do something than nothing. How much longer would I have thought about writing a post, only to actually write nothing.

This post certainly is not the greatest, and I could have potentially wrote something better, but I also might not have written anything at all.

So here we are with this post. But I will take this.

This post is a reflection of a mantra I subconsciously live by. In the words of Shia. Just do it. It is too easy to come up with reasons to not do things. Don’t be a wimp. Just do it.

Just do it.


Keep Smiling,



Bummed, but I don’t really care

Yesterday I forgot to post on my blog until it was too late. I lost my streak. I was going 35 days strong too!

But honestly, who cares.

It’s just a dumb number.

It’s about content, not spam.

So I’m going to spam less from



Keep Smiling,


Ride the wave

In life,

you don’t get to choose.

A wave presents itself.

Do you try to surf it?

Or do you duck dive and let it pass by?

This time,

You took it.

Ride that wave.

And should you fall,

Another wave will come.


It will come.

Keep Smiling,


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