The Final Frontier


For all my life, I have struggled with proper posture. As a child I was always hunching over, especially as middle school set in. I had a huge backpack, despite being tiny, and it was filled with a multitude of heavy textbooks.

I remember many a day where I would hobble to class with what seemed like 100 pounds of dead-weight on my back.

Later on in high school, I would hunch more as I would skateboard around. I felt standing up straight on the skateboard to be uncomfortable and would mess with my balance.

A natural slouch had set it in.

As college hit, I realized that I was losing a good inch or two due to my simple slouching, and combined with my mother constantly yelling at me for it, I decided to work hard at standing up straight. Over the next years I successfully did in fact change my posture and nowadays I regularly have good standing posture.

However, when I am sitting in a chair, this is not so.

This is what I call the final frontier. Proper seated posture. And it is so hard to do. Every time I sit in a chair I just want to slouch, and sink into the seat, or the table in front of me. But I know that I should not.

It is high time to work harder at this and sit properly.

Because if I don’t, my habit that is already bad, will get worse and as I age I may end up like some relatives of mine that have a hunch which they cannot change. I would like not to be a hunchback when I am older. And especially not so when I am young.

I don’t think people find hunches too attractive.

So off I go, onwards into the final frontier. Sitting up straight as I type this blog, feeling the strain in my abdominal muscles as I fight against my bodies desire to slouch forwards. I will not give in reader!

I will sit and fight.


Keep Smiling,


What We Need


Today there are so many choices. For everything, really. We live in a highly consumerist society where there is almost infinite choices. Infinite choices of what to eat, who to date, and even which blogs to read.

Thank you for choosing mine reader.

But for today I am going to focus on the choices we have to drink. There is coffee (which I love), beer, wine, milk, tea, soda, etc. and more, but one drink we should not forget is water.

I know. You know this. I know this. But do we actually drink it?

Doctors and Health experts today say that we should drink at least eight glasses of water a day, with eight oz being the standard size of cup. And although we all have heard this many many times, how many of us actually drink this much water?

I for a fact, almost never do.

And I really should. Because almost nothing is better for you than water. And it doesn’t even have to be designer water either. I tell you people, I proudly drink tap water. Trust me, it’s fine, and it isn’t going to kill you. Sure Smart Water, Hydrogen Water, Alkaline Water, Dasani, etc. is all well and good, but that sure is more expensive than tap.

So I really don’t mind tap.

But the main point of this little article, is to reinforce the importance of drinking water and of staying hydrated. Being hydrated keeps you more energized, focused, and healthier. Do it. Go get a glass of water while you read this blog. Drink that cup. Put that coffee down. Coffee is for people that have already drank water today.



I am here on a mission of mercy. To let everyone know once again that water is good for humans, myself included. So cheers, and drink up. It’s what we need.


Keep Smiling,


Drive Responsibly


Today started off like anything other Sunday. Enjoyed the weekend morning, rose up a little slower than usual, but then got to dealing with my day. I hopped in my car and started driving around town taking care of my errands for the day.

The next thing I know I am on PCH just minding my own business when this silver Honda is suddenly on my tail.

The car then rapidly accelerates past me and weaves in and out of traffic to only move one or two car lengths when we all get to the next red light. Funnily enough all the work he went to with his racer antics didn’t even get him ahead of me as the car he was then placed behind drove very slowly, and once again I was in front of him.

Which of course meant that he was soon going to be tailgating me again.

Which he did. I was not surprised. But I was incredibly nervous. This past summer I was involved in my first car crash, which totaled my car, which is not something that I ever want to repeat. And unfortunately this is not necessarily up to me.

Especially when you have assholes like this driving on the road.

Not only was his tailgating, weaving, and accelerating unnecessary, it didn’t stop there. We got to this one stretch in Redondo where this car literally drove in the opposite lane of traffic for hundreds and hundreds of feet just so he could reach a left turn lane at an intersection just a few seconds earlier than if he had just stayed behind my car.

I literally could not believe what I saw. The guy was an absolute madman.

I felt a little nervous for everyone that was going to be on Torrance Blvd. as that was the direction he was going, but I was relieved that he was off PCH. At least now I could feel safe.

Which brings me to the moral of story. Your driving is not just about you and your life. Everyone else on the road has one two. Don’t forget that. Drive responsibly. This means no excessive speeds, stay in the correct lanes, don’t look at the phone, and most importantly chill out.

Why is there the need to step on the gas and race to the next red light?

Drive your car like a normal human being should, and all of us other normal human beings will thank you deeply as the chances of us getting into a deadly car accident with you will be much much less.

Cars are dangerous in themselves, and in the hands of someone who is behaving foolishly they are a weapon.

Just play it safe. Drive responsibly.


Keep Smiling,



Hustle is Necessary


Today marks the formal beginning of my work as a real estate agent. Why today? Well, because today is the day that I received my business cards. You can’t really conduct yourself in real estate, or any other white-collar profession, without them. Nothing screams unprofessional like not having a business card. As such, I decided to wait in letting people know I was a real estate agent until I had my cards in my pocket ready to give them.

I’m not interested in blowing leads.

But now that I am armed, and locked and loaded, it is now time for me to hit the ground running. This morning I attended my very first official meeting at Coldwell Banker where I was introduced to the other agents in attendance and was briefed on some market statistics, among other things. The president of the Southern California region, Jamie Duran was present and gave a fantastic speech. She further gave me great advice and inspiration as to how to get out there and get motivated to start my career in Real Estate.

It really is special when you get to meet a real role model.

She has the track record to prove it, and honestly exudes charisma as well. I was blown away. Listening to her stories about how she sells real estate and especially what she did walking neighbors when she first started out was particularly useful to me. She gave me a few different tips, and some stories of her own, but the most important tip she gave me was that meeting people is paramount. She said to me that as a new agent I really need to be meeting at least 25 people a day. So in other words,

I need to hustle.

So today begins that start. Not only am I off to seeing the people in my immediate sphere first, I am then planning where I can start going daily to maximize my exposure. I need to get into my routine of the places I will be where I can be seen. Otherwise, I won’t be meeting enough people to get the results that I need to get.

And it is all on the line now.

Now that I have my license, I am signed, and I have access to the MLS, it is now my time to get my act together and to get in gear. No more waiting around, no more holding period, no more excuses.

It’s time to get out there and to find people that are looking to buy or sell a house. This is not going to just come fall into my lap, much like anything else in life. If there is something that you want, you need to go get it. And this means developing a plan and then carrying it out.

For all those of you out there that have something you want to accomplish, start working towards it right now. Make your plan today, and then execute it the same day, or at the very least the next. Don’t wait and don’t make an excuse.

Just get it done.


Keep Smiling,