My new schedule


Recently I had an experience that made me re-evaluate my streaming habits. I just got a new idea for a stream bit comprising of taking calls so I had been reaching out to specific people that I wanted to bring on the show. I was talking to Danny about the idea and the show and how I was doing it everyday. He then said,

“What happens if you meet a girl?”

I replied,

“I’m trying really hard not to.”

to which he said,

“Yeah, but’s always when you meet her.”

Truer words have never been spoken. Literally 30 minutes later I’m driving through Redondo Beach and I run into this girl that I went to school with. I rolled my window down and looked her, she looked at me, both probably thought,


So we exchanged numbers, and it’s not like I asked her out explicitly but at our age what else are we doing exchanging information. Right then my Dad was actually on the phone, in the car while this happened and he told me,

“Nolan, you need to take some days off from your show. Once any girl finds out that you work full time and then you do your show seven days a week for 4 hours at night, she isn’t going to want anything to do with you. You won’t have any time at all for her. And besides, you are going to burn yourself out. Right now you have all the energy in the world, but if you keep it up that’s going to change.”

My Father was totally on the mark. And I am not going crazy in my head thinking anything will necessarily happen with this chance encounter with this woman I ran into, but it made me get serious about my current schedule. Right now I have no time for anyone, and the way I am doing this is not healthy. Now, I am not going to change my main goal which is making my show make it; I won’t abandon or hurt that for a second, but I have to be real with myself. If I don’t take some time off so that I have the chance to meet someone for a date, or hang out with a friend or family for dinner from time to time then soon I am not going to be in a good mental state.

I have been there before. Back in Oregon I was totally alone.

I had a fantastic job that made plenty of money, but I had very few friends to spend anytime with. And the ones that I had lived far away from me so it was not easy to hang out with them. I finally realized that I needed to be back in Southern California where there were people to interact with. The money wasn’t everything.

So too with my show. It is my favorite thing in the world to do, and it is what I committed to, but if I don’t allow some time for my social life then I am going to get depressed and maybe even really bitter. How am I going to feel if I meet a truly awesome woman but I don’t get to know her because I work myself to death?

Probably, terrible.

In fact one of my close friend’s friend made this exact mistake. He started working so much at his new job that after about a year and a half of it it ended up costing his marriage because he didn’t have time for her anymore.

Was that really the right move?

So thus I have decided to change my stream schedule to five days a week instead of seven. I will be live Monday through Friday on but also at a new time. Because a good amount of my original fans are all from the East Coast because that is where I started streaming originally, moving to the West Coast has been problematic for them. When I go live at 7:30 PM for me it is 10:30 PM for them. And they have jobs, school, etc. They can hardly watch me all. But, if I move my show one hour ahead to 6:30 PM then it is 9:30 PM for them when I go live which is not so bad. This allows them to catch a solid 2 hours of my show pretty easily. And I do my show for my fans, so I need to make sure that I can have it work best for them.

Otherwise I am being a shitty entertainer.

As for the weekends, I am taking Saturday and Sunday off. This way I can have some days to hang out with family, friends, and dates potentially. If nothing is going on for me though then I will be back on my show at the same time. Or maybe even earlier if I decide to give live for some extra hours. But officially, I am not going to be scheduled for those days. Youtube Hell will be moved to another day of the week, not exactly sure what day, maybe somewhere in the middle like on a Wednesday. We will see, stay tuned for updates.

So wrapping up the post, I am making sure that I am treating myself right in a sustainable manner such that I don’t get too absorbed in my work such that I end up quitting altogether. Burnout and depression are real things so one needs to make sure that you stay on top of your grind in a healthy manner or it will get you.

To tune into the show just stop by Monday through Friday from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM Pacific Standard Time. 

I will see you there.


Keep Smiling,


One Emotional Rollercoaster

This post is inspired by swiftysurgeon. Thank you for giving me the inspiration to write.


Streaming is not an easy job. At first glance one might think so, but truly this is far from the case. I will explain why.

To the quick observer, streaming (at least on twitch) is just merely playing video games with a camera on. And then the talking is based on responding to people as they message you. Super easy right? 

Hold on. It’s not so simple.

First, twitch is hardly about video games. One might think that it is about video games as this is what most streamers use as the basis for their show. They play a game and interact with their chat base.

Honestly gameplay is 10% of your show, if that. Streaming is much more about communicating with your audience and having something entertaining to say. Sure, there are a few channels out there where the streamers are wildly good at the games they play and thus they attract views. But, these streamers really are the rarity. For the love of God, please stop pretending that you are one of these streamers. Look, I am good at video games, I have hit legendary eagle master twice in Counter Strike, I have done some Mythic Raids in WoW, I have hit Platinum in Rainbow Six Siege multiple times, and I am known to have out of control games on Call of Duty; but am I insanely good? Am I a pro level gamer?

Hell No.

I am far from that. Does that mean that I don’t have what it takes to stream?

Hell No.

I totally have what it takes to make it on stream, mainly through my ability to interact with my chat and offer up something interesting, I will add often edifying, to say. And this is what I encourage new streamers to think about. Don’t tunnel in so hard on just playing your game. Think about what you are saying. Use your mouth not just your thumbs. Good gameplay is great, but take it from me, my fans come to my show to see me not my gameplay. If I have a shitty night in the competitives I still have my fans watching. (Thanks guys)

My main point here is that people too often get the wrong idea with streaming. They see what streamers do on the surface level and they wrongly conclude that is all they need to do to have a successful show. They see the gameplay and then they think “Gee I’m better than this guy, I can do this too,” and then they start their show. Now, this train of thought is not wrong yet. This is how I started streaming myself. I actually watched a streamer named Kateedge and I watched her show for a bit (she is a twitch partner btw I encourage you all to check her out sometime at and I decided that I think I could do this too.

So that was it, I started streaming.

But then as I found myself in the middle of streaming did I then begin to realize what it actually entails. All those viewers that I thought I would have, just like all the viewers other channels have, did not magically show up in my stream. I had plenty of long nights where few people came in, if any. Some days I would not get a single follow. That hurts. Talk about feeling like your stream is not going anywhere. This is also where you realize that streaming isn’t just simply talking to you chat. It takes a hell of a long time to build an active chat that gives you things to talk about. You will likely have to be talking to yourself for a long long time before you have a fanbase that supplies you with content to riff on. The truth here is going to hurt for some of you. But swallow it, and start practicing talking and entertaining as if you were a comedian. You have an audience, but they are just merely listening. Time to really do your show.

On a side note, I laugh my ass off when I see streamers with “Follower Goals.” Talk about a way to just make yourself miserable. Likely you aren’t going to hit that goal, and then what happens. Do you feel miserable? Because you didn’t hit the metrics that you wanted? Which you set? Don’t make this mistake of setting follower goals, sub goals, etc. This will set you up for failure and put you right on that emotional rollercoaster which I titled this post.

Sure, the days where you hit your goals you will feel on top of the world, but on the days that you don’t you will feel at the lowest of lows. This is not the way to stream. Streaming is a marathon, it is not a sprint. And man, it’s a long ass marathon, not one of those 13 mile half marathons. I am talking about the real deal.

So be prepared for that. And if you want to be the best prepared for streaming, get into the correct mental state. Do not expect success right away. Or in a week. Or in a month. Or in six months. Or in a year. It will likely take you over a year, maybe two, before things start happening in your channel. If it happens faster, that is amazing and cheers to you. But I would much rather set you up for a realistic plan of action than to tell you a lie that is likely to get you extremely depressed because you “haven’t made it” which results in you quitting and then hating on all other streamers because you are angry that you failed and so then you take it on them online. (lol it’s so true though)

So don’t set ridiculous goals that set you up for failure. If you do, and feel depressed because of it, you only have yourself to blame. Twitch, streaming, entertaining, etc. is an emotional rollercoaster and you need to be prepared for the ride. My advice here is to try to be as stoic as you possibly can and take it day by day. Remember, it is a marathon. Prepare yourself for a journey.

Lastly, to end this post I want to give the most important tip. I will likely write another post one day on this as well in further detail, but I have to get to work soon so I need to wrap this post up.

Make sure you have a set schedule. Set a time that you do your show and make sure you are there at that time every single day. Do not take any days off. Other successful streamers don’t, so why should you? If you aren’t prepared to sacrifice other activities, e.g. hanging out with friends, parties, dates, etc. then you really don’t want to make it on twitch. Sure, you say you do, but your actions show you don’t. Life is about choices and sacrifices. What you choose to do reveals a lot about you. If you choose to stream, it means you have chosen not to do other things. And your fans will notice this. If you commit to them, they will commit to you. On the contrary if you do not commit to them, they will not commit to you.

Remember, it is your choice. It is up to you. If you want your show to succeed get in the correct mental state and get ready for the long game (it won’t happen overnight), set a time you can make every single day, and start sacrificing. Choose your stream over other things in your life and the success will come.


Keep Smiling,


Don’t do it for the 100, Do it for the 1.

Recently I have begun playing Call of Duty Black Ops 4 for the PC on my twitch stream. And I have found something quite amazing. In the Battle Royale mode, a chat client is enabled allowing all players in the game to talk to one another. Now, for most people there is little point in using this other than talking some shit, but for me it is otherwise.

I now have an avenue to advertise my stream to 99 other players every single Battle Royale I play. This I simply fantastic. I have yet to play a single game where I can get this level of attention for my stream so easily. Many games have few players involved so the reach is not that big when it is possible to message them, and other Battle Royale games do not even have a chat client to begin with. To find a game that has a ton of players and a working chat client is unbelievable.

So I have been at it.

Every game I say hello to the players, follow up with a message about watching my show if they die (99% of them will since only 1 out of 100 people can win the game), and then I post the link to my twitch stream. (

And oh my God you know what happens next.


“Fuck your stream”

“Why would I watch trash”

“Probably has 0 viewers”


And more. Much more.

But do you want to know the truth? How I really feel? The truth of the matter is

I could not give





And I will tell you why. Streaming is not about the haters. It is about the fans. Not everyone is going to like you. That is just not at all ever in the realm of possibility in this life. So I don’t look for it. And you shouldn’t either.  And if you do you should stop. Otherwise your life is going to be miserable because you want something absolutely unreasonable.

So when I post my link, I don’t do it thinking all of the people in the game are going to come in and check out my channel and love me. In fact I think the contrary. I post my link for that potential one person who is interested and comes in checks me out and then has a good time watching my show.

I do it for the 1 not for the 100.


Focus on the right people, not all the people. Aim to gather fans, and ignore the hate. The only way to grow a fanbase is to get out there. And that means weathering the storm of everyone telling you that you are shit and you can’t and won’t make it. Welcome to being an entrepreneur. That is just how the dice rolls. At times the hate sucks and it can be hard to deal with it, but my advice for how to do so is twofold.

First accept that it is standard. You aren’t special. People aren’t hating on you because of who you are. (Remember they don’t even know you, they haven’t even watched your show) They are hating on you because of what you are trying to do. By putting yourself out there and trying to make it, either in entertainment, business, or anything, you are broadcasting to others that you are trying to live your dream. This is something that countless humans try to do but fail to accomplish. Get ready to be hated because you are trying to live something they can only dream of. So just accept your fate and embrace the hate. It is just standard operating procedure.

But Second, pay attention to your fans. Don’t focus on the wrong people. The Haters don’t deserver your time. Fill your thoughts with those who love you, and do not dwell on those who don’t. You do this and you are on your way to making it.

So again,
Don’t do it for the 100. Do it for the 1. And you will be surprised at how soon those 1s make a 100.


Keep Smiling,



Just write something

Today as I winded down my twitch show, I was not sure what to write about. Now, it wasn’t that I had a lack of topics to write about, it was in fact the exact opposite.

There were a few topics that I bounced around to myself, but I couldn’t decide. Then it hit me.

Just write about writing something. So I did.

This little blog entry is all about making up your mind and doing something; even if it really inst that much. Because it is better to do something than nothing. How much longer would I have thought about writing a post, only to actually write nothing.

This post certainly is not the greatest, and I could have potentially wrote something better, but I also might not have written anything at all.

So here we are with this post. But I will take this.

This post is a reflection of a mantra I subconsciously live by. In the words of Shia. Just do it. It is too easy to come up with reasons to not do things. Don’t be a wimp. Just do it.

Just do it.


Keep Smiling,