Everyone Judges. You do too.


Today’s post is a fun, light-hearted poke at a serious truth.

Everyone judges, and yes, you do too.

Just look at me. I mean, those shades are fucking ridiculous. And yes I already know what you are thinking.

What a tool.

I knew that was going to happen when I put them on too. But my date didn’t believe me. We went biking along the strand yesterday and as we were taking the bikes out I went to grab a pair of sunglasses and I saw my White Oakley’s. I purchased these about a year ago, and for way too much money as well, and I had not worn them in quite some time.

Chiefly because of all the attention that they get.

And not really good attention either. I told her that something was going to happen just by wearing these glasses. She laughed, and I told her just watch. About 15 minutes later we are biking by the street and a car drives by yelling,


I look at her and she laughing her ass off. I’m just getting roasted by passerbys. But it even got better. As we neared the Hermosa Pier there are three surfers getting out of the water and walking to their cars as I am passing by them. After I pass by them I turn around and look at my date who is considerably farther behind me at this point. I look at her and I make the “Loser Sign” with my hand on my forehead to let her know that I am biking faster than her. When she caught up to me, she while laughing informed to me that the surfers thought I was talking about them and yelled back,


Just as when I saw them and I thought “what a bunch of kooks” they thought “what a fucking tool.” Got to love how we all judge at first sight! Hahaha and now by this point the Oakley’s had just become a meme and then my date and I turned them into a photoshoot. Concluding the events of the day, the date went well and the whole day was great, we thoroughly enjoyed wearing the shades, but the lesson was noted.

If you dress like a tool you will be perceived as one.

And this is just part of the lesson that everyone judges. Sometimes it is correct, sometimes it is wrong, but people do it all the time, everyday, and this won’t be changing anytime soon. So take my example of my White Oakley’s to heart, think about how you present yourself and how you want other people to react to you.

Yesterday I totally did not care about what these people thought, but I fully understood that this was likely to happen when I chose to wear those sunglasses before we headed out. I could have played it low-key and wore regular shades, but instead I went for the clout.

And hey I got it, but I also got trolled too.

So let it be known, how you present yourself is how you will likely be treated. And whether the reactions you get are justified or not, this is largely immaterial. Because much of how you look is in your control, and it is a choice as to whether you want to risk these reactions by presenting yourself in such a manner.

Don’t let this stop you necessarily from dressing like a tool, I did it yesterday and trust me I am going to do it again, but I will say that I am not going to be complaining one bit when I catch some flak for it.

And I know I will. These Oakley’s are a flak magnet.

But damn. I do look good in them.


Keep Smiling,



To write or not to write?


This week I came down with some serious writer’s block. My apologies to everyone who was expecting a post, but unfortunately I really had nothing to say. And my proof this was my last post.

I freaking wrote about naps.

Man talk about running on fumes. At that point I had nothing to say but I really felt that I needed to post something in order to have at least sent something out to my readers. But when after I had done so and I looked at how my post got a fraction of the views that my regular posts were getting, it made me think about it some more.

I really do not think it is worth it to write something if you have nothing to say.

After all I want people to come to my blog for quality content and honestly some days I have nothing particularly enlightening to share. (I know shocker for some of you, but it is true.) And this whole week I really didn’t have much to say. In fact this post was inspired by Alex at CVS whom I just spoke with. He told me that he hadn’t gotten around to reading my blog yet to which I thanked him, but then informed him that this week I hadn’t gotten around to writing yet!

But then it all worked out and I felt inspired. Albeit if my writing was about me not writing at all.

Though I do stand by this post. It is quality, because I am sharing something real. Today we are deluged with content and especially so for bloggers, youtubers, instagrammers, writers, etc. these people/professions need to push content out regularly such that they retain their fanbase but in doing so, they risk devaluing their brand if they don’t bring value content. It can be tough in this age of views, like, and other metrics such that we are tempted to continue to post, namely for the sake of posting, but truly it is not worth it if we do not have something of value to say.

Sure your views will be more consistent if you post every day, but if the quality isn’t there they will slowly decline. That was what I was seeing happen with my garbage posts.

So I say, it is better to just not write if there is nothing worth writing about. I would much rather have 0 views one day and 100 the next, than 50 views everyday which slowly decrease.

Keep it quality.

And most importantly,


Keep Smiling,




Lazy Sunday


Today was one of those days where when I woke up I just wanted to stay in bed. But I had to get up this morning and meet my mother for Church since she was in town visiting, so that was that. I was getting up and out of bed.

But man oh man, I was feeling so tired. It was a long week, and finally now after getting home today I have a few hours left to myself before I have to go do anything else. There are many things that I could do with these hours but I have decided to do just two things.

First, write this blog post and Second, take a nap.

Ah yes, a nice Sunday nap. Nothing could be better than that. Time to konk out for a bit and rejuvenate. I could definitely use some of that. As I mentioned earlier, this week my mom has been visiting me and she is now in her 70s, so she takes naps pretty regularly, which got me thinking when she went to take her nap today I thought, dang I could really use one myself.

The truth is naps are great.

They give you much needed rest. And we could all likely use that. Over the past few years I have been reading articles here and there about sleep deprivation and bad sleeping habits and links to diseases, anxiety, and just about all sorts of problems. Basically, the science is out that most people (myself included) in modern society are not nearly getting the amount of sleep that they should be, and further that this is causing health problems.

It’s time to take sleep back.

And today it starts with a nice nap, but it will really be accomplished when I start going to bed at a respectable hour instead of staying up way too late. Ideally I would like to be in bed by 10:00 PM and up at 6:00 AM. But, I have been saying that for years, so I am kind of full of it. But hey maybe soon enough I will finally stick to what I say and then it will all work out.

And well, reader I bid you ado, alas it is nap time for myself. And if you are feeling exhausted yourself, get like me and take a nap.


Keep Smiling,


Drama Live


Last night I went to see the musical Beauty & The Beast. I had seen the movie a long time ago as a child, but I had never heard any of the music from the Broadway adaptation. Brandon, a family friend of ours was in the musical, so we all went out to watch him perform.

I was blown away.

The musical absolutely stunning, and so professional. I asked around after it was over at just how good it was. I wanted to know how it stacked up to a Broadway play. Turns out, quite a few of the stars of the show had been on Broadway before, and everyone informed me that it was directly on par.

That made a lot of sense.

The whole thing was done so professionally. The acting, the singing, the set design, the lighting, it was all perfect. And I had such a great time watching it too because it took me back to the days of when I was in a musical myself. It was a long time ago way back when I was in Middle School, but I played the role of the “head flying monkey” in The Wiz. 

I was a pretty big deal.

Basically the most important minor character. (insert should shrug and wipe off the dust) The whole experience was extremely fun so much that I actually took drama class in high school. Unfortunately I had a drama teacher my freshman year that was exceptionally vicious to me such that I ended up quitting the class after a semester and I moved on from drama. I found out years later from a woman who was close to her that I was the spitting image of her ex-husband who was divorcing her as I was a student in her class.

Now that makes more sense.

But anyways, it was nice to be back at a musical, seeing people, sing, act, and dance. And even more so to see just how good Brandon has gotten. The last time I saw him was actually at his first play, Charlie Brown when he was ten years old or so.

He really has come a long way.

And I am confident that he will be on Broadway. He has the drive and he has the talent to make it. If he just keeps up the hustle, which I know he will, then soon enough I will be out in New York seeing my first Broadway play. I told Brandon that I would save my Broadway virginity for him.

He was amused by that.

But finishing up this post, I really did enjoy the musical. And the core message of the play is timeless, beauty is not what is seen on the outside, but rather what is inside. It is a timeless lesson, and one we all know in our hearts, but that could always use refreshing. After all it can be rather easy to overlook inner beauty for the outward appearance, so it was nice seeing a magical play remind of that lesson once again.

If any of you reading this are in the Los Angeles area I highly recommend getting over to the La Mirada performing arts theatre to see the play as it will be running for this whole month.

You won’t regret it.

You might even cry more than I did. (Six Times)


Keep Smiling,