A letter overdue


Today I wrote a letter to an old teacher of mine. Every Monday for many years when I was young I would go to her house and she would give me speech and life lessons. She covered everything from saying hello and greeting people properly, to posture, to how to stand up straight. She helped me prepare for projects where I would have to speak in front of the class and helped me develop myself into the social being that I am today.

Mrs. Weinberger was without a doubt the most influential teacher I have ever had, and I am extremely blessed to have been taught by her. Unfortunately her husband worked in aerospace and his company relocated to Seattle, thus she moved and that was the last I ever saw of her.

She wrote me once after she moved and I failed to respond. I re-discovered her letter a year ago. She mailed it to me in 2006. And I failed again. I waited until today to write her back. I am glad that I finally sent her the letter, but I am nervous. What if she moved and now I no longer have her address? God forbid what if she died? Then that is on me. I waited over twelve years to reconnect. It took me less than fifteen minutes to write, seal, and mail my letter. I waited twelve years to spend fifteen minutes.

Procrastination is the Devil.

At the very least I am relieved to have sent the letter. I hope it gets to her and I included my  phone number in it as well. I am praying that it reaches her and that I can reconnect with her. It will be interesting too. The last time I spoke with her I was a child, now I am an adult. A lot has changed, but I know it will always be the same.

If there is a letter that you should have written but have not and it is long overdue, just go write it and mail it now. Do not be like me and wait twelve years.


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I am a Born Again Rapper.


Today, I wrote some bars for the first time in a long time. And my God, they were fire. Without a doubt, the hardest bars I have ever written. Stay tuned, the tracks will be dropping on Soundcloud at some point. Cue, my rise to being an internet rap star.

Okay, maybe not that. Getting big in the rap game is pretty hard. Funnily enough I know this from experience. Way back in the day I started my career as a streamer as Counter Strike Surf Server Rapper. Oh man. Maybe I should go back on those servers and spit my new bars! Dude. That would be fire. I may do that.

Over the past few years my friend Tyler and I would freestyle rap from time to time, and mainly for fun, but always with the thought in the background that we could record a track together. See Tyler is one of the most musically gifted people I know and tomorrow he graduates from USC’s Thornton School of Music! Congratulations Tyler!

Now that he finally has free time, we met up today, ate breakfast, and then got to work in his studio. I felt uncomfortable at first to be honest. It was on another level for me. I have freestyled in the past, and sure I live streamed rapping on twitch, but that was mostly in front of friends and fans, and with the intent of having fun and just messing around.

Recording is different. We are trying to make something actually good here. So, it was on another level. But I realized that after I started gaining my confidence, and especially after hearing Tyler tweak the vocals, it started to flow more naturally and then I got much more passionate about my raps. I started vocalizing my sounds more distinctly and it became more fun. By the end rap Nolan had re-emerged from his ashes.

He has been reborn. But it is not K_N9ne, this time it is 999. (post on the name choice coming soon)


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Just do it


It can be easy to just put things off for later in the day. Or for tomorrow. Or for next week. Or more next month. Or for never.

That is why you just need to do it. Just now I completed making some business cards for a friend like I said I would. However, I have to be honest. I just made and ordered the cards tonight, but in reality they likely should have been delivered tonight if I had made them when I originally set my mind out to.

At least I got them done though. And that was the point. I realized that I had been putting this simple task off day after day and it hit me that I was being extremely lazy and that my old habits of leaving things unfinished was returning. So I set out to correct this, and then I did. Further, I realized that I had been slacking on the blog posts. So I corrected this too. With a poignant post about this very subject.

The point is, you need to accomplish your tasks. And they can be simple and they often are. As I wrote about before, always make your bed. Then always do your laundry. Always wash your dishes. Always do those things that you say you will do. If you do this you will become a person of habitual action. If you do not, and you let yourself repeatedly slip, then you become a person of habitual inaction. Which is basically most people.

It’s the easy route to take. Just be lazy. Don’t do anything. Leave everything a mess, don’t put in effort, be late to work.

Screw that. Get your things in order and do things when you say you will or when you originally set out to do them. Of course some times things come up and you need to set them aside for a later date. But ideally, you should set that date and get them done by or on that time. Keep your priorities defined and your tasks completed.


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My Day Off


Today is Monday AKA my day off from work. And God I needed this day. As you know from my previous posts I have been working like a dog on this political campaign. I have been going door to door, attending functions, writing post cards, dumpster diving through trash mail, and driving all over the district putting up yard signs. It has been blur and I am exhausted.

But that is why today is important. I get to rejuvenate and take a break before it starts again tomorrow. And it is going to get even busier as the election takes in place in 29 days. At least there will be relief after that.

But honestly I am not complaining, I am really enjoying my job and the fact that it keeps me extremely busy is one of my favorite things about it. Prior to this job I had way too much free time, and while I handled it much better than many people by doing productive things like taking Chinese and Spanish lessons, I still did not utilize it to the fullest. By the way, utilizing free time efficiently is not easy. Trust me. When you give humans extended periods of free time they more often than not turn into couch potatoes. They will talk like they are going to do all kinds of crazy ambitious fun things, but after a week or two of that they vegetate. Vacationing all the time is hard, this is why I really like work!

Back to today. It is my day off so I am going to catch up with some friends. First I am going to grab brunch with my old friend Niki, and then later I am going Suit Shopping with my Tayler, I haven’t seen in her forever. That will be great too to bring a women’s opinion when I get some new clothes. They have that eye.

One of my bosses at work told me that he always keeps a suit and change of clothes in his car because he never knows when he is going to be needed to dress up and go to a function. He noted that many times these things happen out of the blue or you might get invited last minute so I must be prepared.

Well Today, I am going to be prepared! I am getting a new suit, this is long overdue anyways, and then I am going to have it on stand-by in my car so I am ready to rock whenever I need to. It’s like my girl Cardi B says, “I need the dollars, beat it up like pinatas!”

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