The Importance of Presentation


Recently this week I started painting. more frequently than I had been. When I was done with some of my paintings I looked at them and thought that although there was one in particular that I really liked, none of them were finished.

The presentation them were not complete.

To me, finished artwork is not just the piece itself. It is more than just the art. It is also how it is presented. How does the frame look? Is it behind glass or exposed? What color accent paper are behind it? And is the piece signed and marked? These little things add much to a piece in my opinion.

They make it look complete, and they make it look professional.

Without this, a masterpiece of an artwork may look like a sketch, or something that was done just for fun, or by a novice, when maybe this was not so. But when it is dressed up and made to look like a finished product, then all of sudden it gives off that vibe. Someone seeing it will look at it an entirely different light.

This observance of mine applies to much more than art too.

Think about how people get dressed up. There is a lot that can go into getting dressed up nice. Sure, you might start with a nice dress or a good looking suit, but how you do your hair, what watch or jewelry you choose as an accent piece, and further other subtleties like how you walk, make all the difference in the world.

The little things really make big differences.

The finished presentation of a piece, complete in frame, shows that it was created to be so, with intention. I find that dressing my art up elicits much more favorable responses from people, which is why when I make my art, it is never a finished product until it is framed. That final step of the art process is just as important to me as the first step of making the piece. It is just unfinished in my eyes until I have this process done.

It’s cathartic too.

Because once it is framed, that is it. It’s over. The window for me to edit it, or add to my work any way is over. What has been done is done and now all that is left is for it to be viewed. And with a nice frame, and a good presentation, hopefully more people will like it. And similarly, with a finished presentation of yourself, think about how more people will like you too.


Keep Smiling,


Make it up


Yesterday I wrote my post about how I had let down my brother as I had ended up bailing on plans me made. Now I told him I was sorry and that I would let him know in the future that I would be better about things like this.

But let’s be honest. Talk is cheap.

So I recommend when you let someone down, and as we are all human we will do this at some point, actually do something to make up for it. In my case I decided to make some art for him inspired by the events of the day. (Picture Above)

I call this piece “Iceberg.”

My reasoning behind this is that my problem last night was that I did not have one glass of wine. One led to two, and then it led to three, which then led to me sleeping the next day and blowing my friend off.

So much like an iceberg, where is there is more beneath the surface, so often is the case that there is more behind saying,

“Oh I will just have one drink.”

The blue in the painting is a backdrop for the white resembling the ocean and the iceberg, with the red accent being the wine, which leads down into the iceberg.

Of course everyone is free to interpret my painting in their own way: this really is the beauty of art. And of Modern Art especially. Now, I used to be a big hater of Modern Art back in the day. But over time it really grew on me. One of the best things about it, is unlike traditional art which might clearly depict something, like say a house, Modern Art is so exotic and often nebulous that while I have my message that influenced my painting, it interests me when other people tell me how my art makes them feel.

It’s like I get to be creative and a psychologist at the same time.

Pretty fun. But, back to the main point of today, and that is to make up for yourself when you do wrong. Now, this is not always necessary, sometimes it is best to move on, but in the case of your most prized friendships, or when you made a mistake that you should have known better, I do believe that it is good to do something, anything, to show that you are sorry.

Talk is cheap. Do something more.

Your friends, family, and all that you do this for, will be impressed, and glad that you thought of them more. It won’t make the wrong undone, but since you can’t turn back time, it’s the best that one can do.


Keep Smiling,



It’s hard to have just one glass


Last night I was invited by a new friend of mine to a wine mixer. I arrived at the party, and while my friend who invited me was unforunately not present, I found out that I had some serious street cred being at the event as I was her guest of sorts.

While I met many new faces and had a great time, I made the mistake of having much more than one glass of wine.

Now, nothing particularly stupid was done or anything, but suffice it to say that the next morning I was not feeling the best. And as such, I kept myself plopped in my bed for a few more hours before I had to be up to attend a luncheon.

But this was a mistake.

I had made plans to meet my brother and study up on real estate investments this morning as he had so kindly offered to teach me what he knew from his college business classes. As I drove to the luncheon I got a text from him asking if we were still going to meet up.

I knew I had messed up as I had made plans and I had not only bailed on him, but further I had not even had the decency to let him know that I could not make it. He informed me later that he was a little upset (and rightly so) that I had bailed and had not given him notice as he sat around waiting for me all morning when he could have done something else.

I apologized, and told him that he was right to feel that way and that I would do better in the future. I then pondered what had happened and further thought to myself that I had not drank so much, I would not have even slept in and felt groggy. The whole thing could have been avoided if I just drank one glass of wine,

Well maybe two. But I should have stopped there.

It is so easy to get going drinking. Where you have one, then two, then three, and then the next day you are hungover and not getting out of bed. I am not saying that people can’t have a good time every now and then, or that you shouldn’t, but if you have places to be the very next morning it probably is not a good idea to hit the sauce.

It got me thinking. One glass of wine is almost like an iceberg. It doesn’t look so bad, but the truth is that there is much more beneath and before you know it you have drank the bottle. Or two. So that is my late two cents for today, as again I would have written this earlier had I not been so off-kilter for the day.

Try to stick to one glass.

At least if you have somewhere to be the next day.


Keep Smiling,


You don’t really need a reason

  • Tonight I was going to go to bed early. But then I just couldn’t. I decided that I wanted to walk around my town for a bit first, after all this was why I decided to come live in Redondo Beach in the first place.

It’s the exact change of pace from living in the country.

I get to walk down town, through the brisk Pacific Sea Air, past the all the bars and late night coffee shops, and just enjoy myself. As I strolled through the Riviera I noticed a news van parked outside a restaurant. I thought why not go see what’s up. That was it, simple curiosity.

No other particular reason.

I approached the van and met a man and a woman working inside. The reporters informed me that they were in town as earlier in the day a dog was stolen by a transient but a nest cam had captured the event and subsequently Redondo Beach locals went on a manhunt and recovered the dog hours later.

He laughed as he said to me “We are covering a happy story!”

Then I joked to him that since they were covering a good story that they would need to cover three train wrecks after.

He replied “Of course.”

We bantered further and came up with the best worst story to cover. It would be a train wreck of which all the passengers would be recently cured cancer patients of which the train would careen off of a bridge into a lake, where the patients would escape the sinking train, only to be devoured by alligators.

Talk about some good news right there.

The three of us laughed for a bit more and I exchanged my information with them and then went off on my merry way to drink a beer and write, while they went to work on their program some more.

As I say at the bar, thinking about what to write for today, I realized that the best part of that encounter was that I didn’t have any reason for approaching their van other than that I was simply curious and that I wanted to.

It’s a great reason to have. Just because you want to.

So that’s my two cents for today, if there is something you are thinking of doing, just go for it. You don’t need to concoct all kinds of other reasons for why it is okay to approach someone or say something, etc.

If you want to do something, just do it. You don’t really need any other reason.

Keep Smiling,