Help out a little. It’s not that hard.


Today I came into work at my local storage job, to a pleasant surprise. One of my co-workers was back! She had been very sick for the past two weeks and today she returned to work. Unfortunately she was not fully well yet and she was still feeling bad, but not as quite as terrible as before.

I told her that we had missed her and that we were glad she was back. I asked her what was something she liked, and that I would like to get her a drink or something later today. She responded with a sort of dumbfounded look. I kept prodding and said let me get you something to make you feel better! She said, no that’s alright don’t worry about that. I told her, nope I was going to get her something.

After all, it’s not that hard.

And I was happy to see her back in the office today. She really helps out and does lots of work. Having her gone was tough because the rest of us were working hard to try to do her job as best as we could. While she was gone I had done much of her work for two reasons. First, it needs to be done. If someone is gone for a day or two, maybe then you can leave the work for them to do when they get back, but for a week or two, no way.

The work needs to get done.

Second, how the hell would you feel if you were gone from your job and when you get back all of this work is left on your desk and you come back from feeling terrible to being buried alive? I always hated that when it happened to me.

I will never forget the first time that it happened. I was 19 years old and I was working in a buffet in Crater Lake Oregon. This was prior to starting my vacation rental business. I was a kitchen worker, washing dishes, etc. and my job was to clean it all up. One morning I came into to work and what I saw horrified and flat-out angered me.

There was a massive pile of dirty dishes.

The worker from last night had left everything for me to do this morning. I was so pissed off. Instead of doing her job she just decided to forget it and pawn it all off on me for the next shift. I was so angered. But work had to go on so I cleaned them all up and had an extremely busy day because I was back logged on all these dishes. I started working when the buffet opened so new dirty dishes were coming in well before I was anywhere close to cleaning the ones from the past night.

At the end of the day I made a vow to never do what was done to me to another worker.

And I kept true to that promise. There were more than a few days where I would clock out when my shift was over, but I would stay another 30 minutes or so to finish the dishes so that the worker next morning would not have to go through that ordeal and start off the day on a wrong note.

I thought that was just the right thing to do.

So this past week myself and another co-worker did our best to our co-worker’s job as much as we could so that when she got back she wouldn’t be completely buried. Today, she was in fact very happy that we did as much as we did.

I know that it was the thought that counted.

This is something that I have posted on multiple times. It really is that simple. People often are not looking for out of this world gifts or treatment. Yes, I know we live in this modern age of social media where we see the stars driving in Lamborghinis, and going on otherworldly vacations to remote Caribbean islands and the like, but all most people really want is to be treated in a decent manner.

Give them a helping hand at their job, i.e. don’t just pile work on their backs, remember their birthday, and if they are sick get them a hot tea!

It’s not that hard, and it could make all the difference.


Keep Smiling,


Making an Interesting Read


Today’s post is a little meta.

Recently as most of you by now, that is if you are a cult-like follower of my blog as you should be, I passed my real estate exam two weeks ago and now I am a licensed Real Estate Agent in California. Further, I signed with Movoto Real Estate as my brokerage of choice.

Movoto has been around I believe since 2005, but it was not until rather recently that they decided to expand from being just a tech company to having brick-and-mortar real estate offices as well.

I like their vibe, their commission structure, and most importantly the team leader Tad Kondo, who is in charge of the office I signed with. I have to tell you, you cannot put a price on liking your boss. At least that is my opinion anyways.

A few days ago I was contacted by a person from Movoto Corporate up in San Mateo in order that they may conduct and interview of me for a short blog post for other Movoto Agents to read about me. I was fed some of the questions a few days ahead of the interview so that I might be able to think them over.

By the time the day for the interview had came I had concluded that not only would I have my answers prepared for the interviewer, but I would also have some other things to say for her.

After all I wanted to make an interesting read.

We have all been there before. Reading something about a friend, family, co-worker, or news, regarding something decently important (or at the very least professional) but the end result is often the same;

It is flat-out boring.

That’s not to say anything bad about the people or topics that are in question, but rather to say that the article itself was just not that interesting. And articles about me are no exception, they can be boring as well.

That is if I let them.

So I had a few things to chime in with the interviewer that I thought might make the article a bit more human. Sure, I answered all of the main, necessary questions regarding the career and why I chose it etc. but I also added some spice by telling her about my interests, namely music:

Blues and Death Metal.

I already know that if she includes that in the article that is going to be a head turner! Certain words and phrases have an effect of sorts of waking people up or at the least sparking their interest.

“Death Metal” is definitely one of them.

And that’s just one thing! But I do hope it does the trick at keeping people interested and making my article more memorable. It may sound silly at first, but little tid bits like that can mean the difference in someone remembering or forgetting you. Later on I would not be surprised if someone who read the article recognized me at some function in the future and say something like,

“Hey! You’re the Death Metal guy!”

And there we have it. That would be a total win. The short blog post about me would have been something worth reading that made people laugh, smile, or at least remember me.

And making fun moments, is what life is all about. And bonus points for whoever knows the album and band I posted above.

Keep Smiling,


Just do the job

As I stand here waiting for people to attend a short film screening, I could do two things. Either pretend to type things on my phone so I don’t look like I’m totally bored or that I have the bitch job, or I could type a blog post while I wait for people to arrive and then shamelessly plug my blog.

While still doing the bitch job.

Joking aside, I truly love doing things like this. Whatever job I am asked to do, if I get to go somewhere fun and meet new people I am totally in. I find all too often many people think they are above others and especially above doing certain jobs.

Hell with some people, they might think that they are above all jobs.

Not me though. Really, I mean that. I’m not looking to exactly make next to nothing in wages for the entirety of my life, but I have no problem volunteering for something or starting out a base wage.

Just do your job.

Just do a job.

Trust me, it can be fun, fulfilling, and you may never know where it leads. Tonight is my first time helping my friend with one of her productions, and so far I’ve met some cool people. And I got another blog post in.

I can’t complain.

Keep Smiling,




Yesterday I had the fortune of meeting a Allan again with whom I had happened to sit next to in a Starbucks one night. He works in Social Media and Digital Marketing. Now, as I just got my real estate license I decided that it would be good to at least here these people out, even though I really am not a fan of social media.

At the end of the day, if usage of social media means more business for me, then I really do need to get over myself and learn to adapt.

But before I decided to get full-fledged into it regarding my Real Estate Career (which is very much in its fledgling stage currently) I decided to look into utilizing digital marketing tools for my Vacation Rental Business. The first thing Allan noticed about my properties were the pictures.

Being honest he told me that they really were not that good.

I appreciated his honesty, as honesty is absolutely crucial if you want to succeed. If you are overweight and out of shape but all your friends and family tell you that you are fine lest they hurt your feelings, in the end you are the real loser because you don’t work out because you have been told you don’t need too.

Truth should come first, feelings second.

Now I am not saying be a jackass and just tell people everything wrong about themselves and savage people, au contraire find a way to do it tactfully and in such a way that they reflect and improve on their situations.

So I thought about my photos. They really needed to be better. Maybe I should hire a professional photographer? But then I saw the prices. If I was to hire a professional once that would not be so bad. But as my family and I update our properties frequently as we are always finding new art or furniture for the places we would need new photos quite frequently as well.

This would mean that we would have to pay bills quite frequently.

Quite Frankly, I am not interested in that.

So I decided that I should finally learn how to be a professional photographer myself. Hell, I have a camera that is quite good. It is a Sony Alpha 6500 for those that are interested. (Some cool photos on the way to the blog soon I promise.) Not only do I feel a moral responsibility to learn how to use my camera as it is a decently expensive piece of technology that is currently sitting around largely unused, I would also be able to save a solid amount of money on photography in the future. And not to mention if I started taking my own photos for my listings in the future?

That would be a ton of money saved.

And I would be more interesting and more complete on top. Sounds like a perfect plan to boot! At this point I was hooked on learning how to take great photos and edit them as well. But now I will be honest, I have no idea where to start. And I know little to nothing about photos. I would really like to find someone who would be able to teach me. So then I began to pick my brain and think who that person might be.

And then I thought what about my old High School teacher?

She was without a doubt the best teacher I ever had. And I do not say that lightly. That comes from me being in school for a large portion of my life, as well as with a Master’s Degree.

This woman was exceptional in not only her classes which she taught me, but in everything that she set her mind to.

Before she became a teacher she worked in advertising and I remember for about an entire month in our class in high school she dedicated a month to teaching us about how advertising works and how it affects us. How ads are targeting groups, and how photography can tell a story and further even influence people to act.

The class was extremely insightful and I still remember much of it to this day. But while my teacher no longer worked in advertising, she hadn’t totally given up the entire field. She was an avid photographer and still keeping her knowledge of photography very much active. I thought why don’t I google her and see what pops up.

What do you know!

Her name popped up with her website and the next thing led to another and I added her on linkedin and we reconnected. I apologized to her for not reaching out sooner, as I really should have.

But we are going to meet up soon, not sure when, but I know that I will bring my camera. By the way if you are reading this post of mine, just act surprised for me when I show you my camera! I would love to have her teach me how my camera works, first so I can use it better, but second are more importantly, so that I can once again be the student with my favorite and best teacher I ever had.


Keep Smiling,