Run it past Someone


It is very easy to get excited about something. In the moment you can be all about it. Whether that is buying that brand new car, or switching jobs, or really anything else that you might do on your impulse.

But that is something that must be controlled.

Sure, the idea sounds great now, and of course it does because you are thinking about the best possible scenario about how the thing in question is going to benefit you. But it really might not be so. That car actually might be overpriced, and further you will probably get bored of it soon anyways, even if it is nice, and that new job, well it also might turn out to be stressful or worse, it might actually pay you less!

Trust me, the grass is not truly always greener.

But we are always going to think it is. That is just how humans work, myself included. Recently I almost bought some in game items actually (yes I play video games as a hobby), and they were going to be decently expensive, but I had friends of mine that really checked me. They said,

“Nolan don’t buy anymore skins, they aren’t necessary. Save your money.”

It was nice to have some friends give me some feedback. That’s when I thought, man this is really something that is healthy to do. If you are really interested in something, and certainly not just for smaller purchases like mine, but for big changes like a new car, a new house, or a new job, definitely go ask a friend or someone you look up to as to whether it is a good idea.

I’m not saying that you should necessarily listen to what they say, because your friends are human as well, but I do believe that it is valuable to run your ideas past at least one person first before you go through with them. It can serve as a little check to your impulses, and this could really save you a lot of money, time, and stress.

So run your wild ideas past someone.

Maybe even a stranger. Sometimes they give the best advice too. Chiefly because they don’t know you so they don’t care about hurting your feelings.

Think about that.

With that, I am off for the day and it’s out to work for me. But I will end the post on the note of hypocrisy. I still actually bought the in game items after my friends told me not too.

lol. (laugh out loud)

But hey they were right, and I should have listened. Run it past someone.


Keep Smiling,


Oh the Irony


Today’s post is honestly hilarious. Yesterday I wrote a blog about how I was going to do real estate my way, namely by not being too pushy and just handing out my card instead of really pushing to get phone numbers. Well yesterday I learned at my ColdWell Banker class that that is called Marketing.

Which is not prospecting.

And prospecting for quality leads is what I really need to do. In fact, it is the only way that I will ever get paid. The teacher of the class Jeff made it clear to me that my strategy was based solely on hope, which is not at all enough.

I agree completely.

So in the span of just one day I have made a total 180 degree turn on how I am going to reach out and prospect for leads. I will still do marketing, but I do need to push further and really get people’s contact information so that I can reach and call them, email them, etc;

Really just make sure they know that I do real estate.

Because people do forget, and there are a lot of different Real estate agents to choose from. I was told that the South Bay of Los Angeles has 5,000 different agents.

That’s a lot of competition.

But it doesn’t mean that I am screwed. I can definitely do it, but I need to work hard, and to work smart. And that starts with calling my closest friends and family and really letting them know that this is my job and that if they meet someone I would greatly appreciate the referral.

It’s funny how I thought one way yesterday, and another way today, but I will take it from the expert whose job is to literally increase agent productivity, so with that said I am going to listen to him and reach out to my sphere of influence and further inform people that I meet that I would really appreciate their referral when they meet someone that is interested in buying or selling.

While many of you may not be interested in buying or selling, or know anyone currently that is, statistics show that over a period of 12 months you will likely encounter between 5 to 7 people that will be. When that happens I would appreciate it more than ever if you would refer me as a real estate agent to them and give me a call.


As well as this I have decided to start a YouTube and record my progress as a real estate agent and document the whole experience. I was a twitch streamer for many years so I know that this is something that I can do well, and quite frankly I have a computer that is too good to just sit around and collect dust. Time to get it working again editing some videos.

Now, I am off to work, it’;s time to prospect and see some open houses for the day, so thanks for reading, and always remember,


Keep Smiling,


How I go for the Sale


Over this past year I have done a few sales jobs. I started out working on political campaigns going door to door effectively “selling” my candidate, then I worked at a car dealership and sold BMW’s, and then I wound up becoming a Real Estate agent. So while I now have done a few different sales jobs, there are aspects of each which I can compare and contrast. One thing I can say that is true, comes from the Little Red Book of Selling, in which it reads,

“Everyone wants to buy, but no one wants to be sold.”

Truer words were never spoken. Er– well written I should say. Think about it. We are always looking for new things to purchase. Whether that be clothes, food, cars, houses, whatever it is; but the moment someone comes to pushy and really tries to force it down our throat (especially politics) we get defensive.

We turn away, even though it might be something that we are looking for.

And while it is important to be a little pushy and try to get people’s contact information, I really feel that in today’s day and age the best way to go for the sale is create a genuine experience with someone and hand out your card in a memorable manner. Just create a moment that stays with that person such that when they need the service that you sell, they pull out your card and call you.

I had a moment today where I really realized this. I met a man, named John, in a parking lot. I could see that on the back of his car he had a sticker from a local Skate shop that I went to back when I was in high school. Funnily enough I still to this day where clothes that I purchased there way back when because I was so small that now the clothes finally fit me.

Fucking hilarious right?!

Anyways, the two of us got to chatting for a bit about the shop and then I ultimately informed him that I did real estate and I gave him my card. I could tell the man was interested in speaking with me and chatting but the moment I tried to get his phone number it was too much. He actually replied,

“No.” (fucking hilarious right?!)

And I’m with John! I was too pushy, and further it was unnecessary. The two of us had a fun moment and he seemed excited, or at the very least interested, to have my card yet the “sales strategy” then came out of me. And it really didn’t need to.

But it gave me something to dwell on for the rest of the day. I love sales and real estate because I enjoy meeting people. Living is a necessity, it’s not going anywhere, if I keep meeting people and giving them my contact information, eventually someone will call me.

At least assuming I don’t over-push myself.

So that leave me to conclude the post with my resolution. I am going to do sales the way I really want, which is to simply meet people and have a good time such that I leave a memorable moment. If people call me in the future then that is perfect. If they don’t that is okay as well.

I want to meet people and create genuine relationships, not be a pushy salesman.

We will see how my tactics fare soon enough.


Keep Smiling,


Getting Penitential


Disclaimer: Today’s post is a bit gross, but that is not going to stop me from writing about it. I just wanted to give you a sort of fair warning. Well here it is everyone, I have a confession I need to make.

I have a problem with cleaning out my earwax.

I know I know, most of you reading this are thinking what in the hell are you smoking Nolan. Well let me tell you, when I clean earwax out of my ears,


In fact  it feels so good, it has become legitimately addicting, even though I know that it is not good for me. Scratching at your ears, is something you should never be doing. Nothing but sound is supposed to really go in there.

First, do not use Q-tips, you risk impacting all the earwax in such that you won’t be able to hear much, but second do not use anything else, like namely a pen cap, which yes I have done in the past. And you know what happens? You make small cuts in your ear and then you get ear infections.

Not fun at all.

And that is what I thought happened this week. My right ear was a little swollen and it hurt a little so I thought that I had hurt it and maybe it had gotten infected. So I scheduled an appointment with the doctor and I went to get them checked out. The doc looked inside and said that my ears were fine but he could tell that I had been scratching at them and that I really need to stop doing this.

This post is my penance.

I told you Doc. I promised to write a blog post about this and further I promised that I am going to stop scratching at my ears. This is such a bad habit of mine, and I know it sounds weird to some, but I know that there are some of you reading this that understand me. Cleaning out my ear canal just feels so good.

And that brings me to the crux of the post, which is that we need to rethink doing things just because they feel good. Pleasure is very nice, and I would like to experience more of it, but one has to look at the cost. If the cost of pleasure is potential health damage, especially to such an important organ such as the ear, is that worth it?


But alas, I picked at my ear anyways. But we all know that this post now is not limited to the ear canal. It ranges to everything we do. Driving too fast and recklessly is fun but puts our lives at risk, eating junk food risks clogging our arteries, and well I don’t even need to get into specifics for other pleasurable but potentially dangerous behaviors.

I think you catch my drift.

So today marks Day 1 on getting over picking at my earwax. This is going to be a struggle I know it. As I write this blog my ear is itches and twitches, but I will resist.

When there are pleasurable temptations in the moment you will feel satisfied, but the moment afterwards might just not feel the same. So, watch your behavior and control your impulses.


Keep Smiling,