Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I hope you enjoy my posts.

Years ago in College I studied Philosophy at Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, California and then afterwards I earned a Masters Degree in Foreign Policy from The Institute of World Politics in Washington D.C.

While I was pursuing my masters degree I discovered Internet Live Streaming and I founded multiple online channels. I found myself enjoying entertaining and interacting with my fans, so much more over where I was headed, working for a typical government job. To better give my internet streaming a chance, I finished up my Masters Degree, packed up my things, and drove back West to Oregon where for the past seven years I co-founded and ran the Vacation Rental Business Crater Lake Bungalows with my Mother and Father. This business still continues to this day. Just click on the link above to book a stay with us, our places are wonderful.

After a year and a half of permanently living in Oregon, I moved back to Los Angeles so I could pursue streaming full-time, as I lacked solid internet living out in the Oregon Country. I had been driving to and from an office I had rented for a little over a year in the closest town to where I lived. Everyday I streamed in Oregon I ended up being on the road for at least 90 minutes, sometimes two hours. Eventually this got very old, thus I moved back to Los Angeles.

Ironically, when life finally permitted me to stream consistently and without interruption, I found myself completely sick of playing video games. As streaming video games had then become something I no longer enjoyed, I took my content down new paths. After a few months of soul-searching I am now looking for new work and I am excited to try new things.

Again, I greatly appreciate you giving me your time to read my thoughts and consume my content. I hope you enjoy my blog and most importantly, as my Dad Steve always says, “Keep Smiling.”





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