Working your Sphere: My New YouTube


One of the first tips that I was given as a Real Estate Agent was to work my sphere of influence, or in the realty jargon, my SOI. The sphere of influence includes your friends, family, acquaintances, places you eat, services, you use, etc.,

Anyone and everyone that you already know somehow, or that you can somehow reach.

Anyone outside of that are people that are not in your sphere and will thus need some sort of connection of further marketing to reach. These people will come later, those in your sphere of influence should come first. Because like my boss Rob said,

“You are going to be so pissed when someone you know buys or sells a house and then tells you afterwords that they would have worked with you, but they didn’t know that you were a Realtor.”

So it is time to get on out there and work my sphere, and I have been doing it in multiple areas. First, I have gotten out and about telling people I know that I do Real Estate, and I ended up getting a client from one of my favorite Restaurant places. So pro tip, don’t just focus on your closest friends and family, maybe that person that owns the restaurant just down the street that you have ate at for years is interested in an investment property. Think about your sphere of influence in that way too.

This week at my AMP training sponsored by Coldwell Banker, I was again stressed the importance of social media and how it can generate quality leads for Real Estate. Finally, I caved.

I decided to make a YouTube.

I had been staying away from social media, using it in a limited fashion, as I found Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter to be extremely tiring, time-consuming, and honestly most of the time just bad for the brain after constant use; which of course in the past I always have found myself not able to exactly use in a limited fashion.

Social Media is literally made to addicting.

Don’t believe me, just google it and read about how the method of gathering likes and views creates dopamine loops for its users and that websites are designed to keep those flowing and to keep those users returning.

And I get it.

These companies are in business. They want to make money, and they do so by having their users constantly user their services. But still, I’m a big fan of living without social media as much to the extent that is possible. Obviously I am going to use it for real estate, but if I could get away without, I would.

Anyways, this week I decided to hone in the right platform for me. Brad Pearson, whom I wrote about earlier this week, gave us a great speech at the ColdWell Banker offices, that I could summarize as a pep-talk to be the best. And being the best requires a good amount of work, and that means seeing what people want out of you in this day and age.

People want Social Media.

To the vast majority of people today, Social Media is sexy. Everyone wants to be a YouTuber, a twitch streamer, a twitter handler, and instagram influencer.

Being rich and famous through the internet is hot right now.

And for the past 4 years I lived that through my twitch stream. Well, I wasn’t rich or famous through it, but I will say that I made more money and got a larger following than over 90% or more of other people out there that pursue an internet career. I do know what I need to do to make it out there, I just need to commit to it.

In the end, twitch really wasn’t the best fit for me. Sure, I loved video games but inevitably every time my channel was starting to get rolling, usually about three to four months down the line of regular streaming, I began to get sick of playing video games. Playing them every day for my job was too taxing and then soon I did not enjoy doing my show; which of course my fans could immediately tell.

And once you don’t have fun with what you do, your channel won’t want to watch anymore. And why should they? They want to be uplifted by your entertainment, not get depressed. So eventually, while I did love the twitch streaming, I realized that it wasn’t the career choice for me, and I then began to take on new jobs.

Now that I finally settled on real estate, I have been working hard at figuring out what I can do to make my career successful. And what do you know, what I keep hearing from agent after agent is to get on Social Media and to make a YouTube.

Keep in mind I have a multi-thousand dollar computer just collecting dust at the moment.

So I decided all right. Let’s do it. Time to dust off the twitch rig and get this puppy back in action making some quality content. And even better, I can satisfy my old fans by giving them more Nolan entertainment that they had missed (Yes, my fans had missed me, they text me lol) and I will also be able to further my career with real estate content.

This is what really has brought me back. Twitch was great, but the platform is too video game centric. And this is not a bad thing, it is just how it is. Making the switch to YouTube is new for me, but it is the better choice as there is a demographic that is open to real estate content there. Bringing it back to the title, today I am working my sphere of influence to get new subscribers to my channel.

So I would really appreciate it if everyone reading this blog would subscribe to my YouTube channel, it would mean a lot to me.

And not just because I want you all to check out my content, but once I get 100 subscribers I can apply for a custom YouTube URL and not have just have a bunch of random numbers and letters for it. That will make advertising it much easier, not to mention being much more professional. Here is the link below, please subscribe!

And with that I will leave you for today. Now I am closing up my laptop at the Coldwell Banker office and it is time to caravan and see some open houses. More YouTube progress will be in the works later today so the channel will be more fully up and running. Thank you again for all who subscribed, and major shout out to my sphere of influence who I am texting all day to inform them of my new YouTube venture. It’s going to be a fun, long day lol.


Keep Smiling,


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