Order Bleeds: Do Upkeep


Today was my day to do everything that I had been slacking on. Chores galore, and cleaning to do, but also just get everything together. This past week I have been thinking a lot about directing my energies towards a more singular goal, namely just focusing on doing very well as a Real Estate Agent.

Firstly, I need to get my schedule in order.

Time Blocking my life is something that I have not ever been really great at. Not that I am late to things, but more that I just don’t plan that often. Well with Real Estate, I need to have a schedule and plan more of what I am doing every single day in order to maximize my ability to meet new clients and also use my time wisely so that I have it for the other things that I want to. Of course the more I got on thinking about planning my schedule I thought about cleaning up my place.

I do believe in the saying that order bleeds into everything, so today I decided to do some upkeep.

First I made my bed, as I always do (and you should too), followed by taking out the trash, doing laundry, cleaning my Rat Cage (yes I won Rats and you should too), re-organized my apartment, went shopping for food, uploaded a video onto my YouTube for Real Estate (Please drop a sub at the link below, much appreciated), swept and cleaned my kitchen and the floors.

After that was all done, I invited my brother Tony over for dinner and now while the Pizza is cooking, Tony is getting a game of Fortnite in while I post a blog for the day. Sorry it took me longer than normal to get this one up, as the day is getting near the end, but at least with this post, I didn’t get to it because I was busy doing upkeep rather than just being lazy.

So for all those out there that have things to do, whether that be in your house, in your room, in your work, or whatever, get at them because they aren’t going to do themselves. Take pride in your upkeep. Things that aren’t cared for deteriorate, including ourselves. So do yourself right and take care yourself, your environment, and your schedule.

And start with what is easy. Make your bed first, then clean your kitchen, and then work on the rest from there.

Soon enough you will be on top off things, making money, and hopefully in a Lamborghini.


Keep Smiling,


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