Working my first Open House

Today I worked my first open house. Talk about a new experience! First things first, this experience has reaffirmed what my father always told me,

Show up early.

Now this open house is not my own listing, but rather another agent’s who has so many listings he lets other Realtors host them as he can’t be in multiple places at once. This also is a nice courtesy to new agents like myself who need to get out there and meet prospective buyers.

It’s the perfect way for me to meet new clients.

Anyways, when I got to the open house the first thing I knew that I had to do was put up my signs on the neighboring streets so that people would know where to turn. But when I arrived I couldn’t find the signs anywhere. Thankfully I showed up early and I had plenty of time to look and call for backup. Of which I finally found them and then was able to put them up in time before the open house started. If I hadn’t been early, I potentially could have missed some people driving by as I wouldn’t have had the signs up yet.

And I definitely don’t want to miss out on a potential buyer.

Anyways, back to working the open house. Finding new clients and buyers comes with work and with time. So far all of the people that have come through today have real estate agents already, so I’m really just biding my time and waiting for one that doesn’t and that would be happy to work with me.

It will happen, but I’m still waiting for that.

I’ve already begun to feel much more comfortable with my new job by doing this open house and I know that the more I do the more and more comfortable I will become.

And hey practice makes perfect.

But what I’m most glad about today is that I’m actually out here doing it. For a bit I had my license but I wasn’t actually doing anything with it , and as such I was in a holding pattern.

I had yet to make the jump.

Now that I have I already feel much much better about myself and my work, and soon it will just be natural and part of the day. My main point is a theme of my blog,

You just have to go do it.

Sure you can get your real estate license, and you can join a Realtor association and browse the MLS, but until you actually get out there and do open houses and meet clients and write offers you aren’t doing any work.

At some point you just have to jump.

And if you sincerely keep at it, I’m confident that you will learn to fly.

Keep Smiling,


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