Getting Penitential


Disclaimer: Today’s post is a bit gross, but that is not going to stop me from writing about it. I just wanted to give you a sort of fair warning. Well here it is everyone, I have a confession I need to make.

I have a problem with cleaning out my earwax.

I know I know, most of you reading this are thinking what in the hell are you smoking Nolan. Well let me tell you, when I clean earwax out of my ears,


In fact  it feels so good, it has become legitimately addicting, even though I know that it is not good for me. Scratching at your ears, is something you should never be doing. Nothing but sound is supposed to really go in there.

First, do not use Q-tips, you risk impacting all the earwax in such that you won’t be able to hear much, but second do not use anything else, like namely a pen cap, which yes I have done in the past. And you know what happens? You make small cuts in your ear and then you get ear infections.

Not fun at all.

And that is what I thought happened this week. My right ear was a little swollen and it hurt a little so I thought that I had hurt it and maybe it had gotten infected. So I scheduled an appointment with the doctor and I went to get them checked out. The doc looked inside and said that my ears were fine but he could tell that I had been scratching at them and that I really need to stop doing this.

This post is my penance.

I told you Doc. I promised to write a blog post about this and further I promised that I am going to stop scratching at my ears. This is such a bad habit of mine, and I know it sounds weird to some, but I know that there are some of you reading this that understand me. Cleaning out my ear canal just feels so good.

And that brings me to the crux of the post, which is that we need to rethink doing things just because they feel good. Pleasure is very nice, and I would like to experience more of it, but one has to look at the cost. If the cost of pleasure is potential health damage, especially to such an important organ such as the ear, is that worth it?


But alas, I picked at my ear anyways. But we all know that this post now is not limited to the ear canal. It ranges to everything we do. Driving too fast and recklessly is fun but puts our lives at risk, eating junk food risks clogging our arteries, and well I don’t even need to get into specifics for other pleasurable but potentially dangerous behaviors.

I think you catch my drift.

So today marks Day 1 on getting over picking at my earwax. This is going to be a struggle I know it. As I write this blog my ear is itches and twitches, but I will resist.

When there are pleasurable temptations in the moment you will feel satisfied, but the moment afterwards might just not feel the same. So, watch your behavior and control your impulses.


Keep Smiling,


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