To write or not to write?


This week I came down with some serious writer’s block. My apologies to everyone who was expecting a post, but unfortunately I really had nothing to say. And my proof this was my last post.

I freaking wrote about naps.

Man talk about running on fumes. At that point I had nothing to say but I really felt that I needed to post something in order to have at least sent something out to my readers. But when after I had done so and I looked at how my post got a fraction of the views that my regular posts were getting, it made me think about it some more.

I really do not think it is worth it to write something if you have nothing to say.

After all I want people to come to my blog for quality content and honestly some days I have nothing particularly enlightening to share. (I know shocker for some of you, but it is true.) And this whole week I really didn’t have much to say. In fact this post was inspired by Alex at CVS whom I just spoke with. He told me that he hadn’t gotten around to reading my blog yet to which I thanked him, but then informed him that this week I hadn’t gotten around to writing yet!

But then it all worked out and I felt inspired. Albeit if my writing was about me not writing at all.

Though I do stand by this post. It is quality, because I am sharing something real. Today we are deluged with content and especially so for bloggers, youtubers, instagrammers, writers, etc. these people/professions need to push content out regularly such that they retain their fanbase but in doing so, they risk devaluing their brand if they don’t bring value content. It can be tough in this age of views, like, and other metrics such that we are tempted to continue to post, namely for the sake of posting, but truly it is not worth it if we do not have something of value to say.

Sure your views will be more consistent if you post every day, but if the quality isn’t there they will slowly decline. That was what I was seeing happen with my garbage posts.

So I say, it is better to just not write if there is nothing worth writing about. I would much rather have 0 views one day and 100 the next, than 50 views everyday which slowly decrease.

Keep it quality.

And most importantly,


Keep Smiling,




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