Lazy Sunday


Today was one of those days where when I woke up I just wanted to stay in bed. But I had to get up this morning and meet my mother for Church since she was in town visiting, so that was that. I was getting up and out of bed.

But man oh man, I was feeling so tired. It was a long week, and finally now after getting home today I have a few hours left to myself before I have to go do anything else. There are many things that I could do with these hours but I have decided to do just two things.

First, write this blog post and Second, take a nap.

Ah yes, a nice Sunday nap. Nothing could be better than that. Time to konk out for a bit and rejuvenate. I could definitely use some of that. As I mentioned earlier, this week my mom has been visiting me and she is now in her 70s, so she takes naps pretty regularly, which got me thinking when she went to take her nap today I thought, dang I could really use one myself.

The truth is naps are great.

They give you much needed rest. And we could all likely use that. Over the past few years I have been reading articles here and there about sleep deprivation and bad sleeping habits and links to diseases, anxiety, and just about all sorts of problems. Basically, the science is out that most people (myself included) in modern society are not nearly getting the amount of sleep that they should be, and further that this is causing health problems.

It’s time to take sleep back.

And today it starts with a nice nap, but it will really be accomplished when I start going to bed at a respectable hour instead of staying up way too late. Ideally I would like to be in bed by 10:00 PM and up at 6:00 AM. But, I have been saying that for years, so I am kind of full of it. But hey maybe soon enough I will finally stick to what I say and then it will all work out.

And well, reader I bid you ado, alas it is nap time for myself. And if you are feeling exhausted yourself, get like me and take a nap.


Keep Smiling,


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