A New Interest of Mine

IMG_5681About two weeks ago I got into painting. And I have been thoroughly impressed with just how much fun it has been. My original idea for getting into it was so that I could make my own closing gifts for my real estate transactions, but instead I have found myself staying up night after night painting.

It really has become an interest of mine.

And I am really thankful for it too. After I stopped twitch streaming there was a void that I felt was left in me. I had grown so used to the nature of streaming that it was just that thing that I would do when I simply needed something to do.

It was my time sink.

I could put as much time as I wanted into streaming. If I had nothing to do for an entire day I could stream the whole day if I pleased. I do the occasional stream here and there to say hello to my fans, but largely I have moved on from it, as I am focusing on a new chapter of my life.

Though I will say it was not easy.

Quitting streaming really reminded me a lot of when I quit smoking cigarettes. When I quit smoking cigarettes six and a half years ago, the hardest part about it was not the nicotine withdrawals (speaking honest I did not smoke that much to have a severe physical dependence) but it was rather being bored.

Yes, that is correct, quitting smoking was boring.

Whenever I didn’t have anything to do, I could light up a cigarette and chill out. It was actually quite nice in that regard. I will say, I do miss that. It sure was enjoyable. However, I now value being healthy as much more enjoyable than smoking cigarettes so there is no real love lost.

Anyways, I found myself in the same boat after I stepped away from streaming. There were so many moments where I did not even know what to do with myself. I was so utterly bored. It took me some time but I can truly say now that I have found a new passion of mine which I can sink my time into. Which is fantastic.

Because I need something fun to do.

Everyone needs something fun to do. And if you reading this, do not have something fun to do, start trying new things and find something that you find fun. It might take a few tries, and it might not be something you ever expected to get into. In fact art was one of the last things I thought that I would start seriously enjoying.

Back in 8th grade when I took an art class with one my best friends, Mikey, I remember making a piece. I went to show Mikey the piece as I was excited, but when I saw what he had done,

I decided to hang it up that day.

Mike’s art was so much better than mine, I said forget it. Funnily enough, I sent Mikey photos of the Art I had done, and the one I have picture above he responded to me saying that he really liked it. And his girlfriend said she liked it too. So you know, I got unanimous support from my Artist idol and his girl.

And thus I am a born-again Artist.

Thanks Mikey. I owe you one.


Keep Smiling,


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