What you can’t get back


This past summer when I worked in politics, I got myself a brand new blue suit. I loved that suit. It looked great on me and I never got more compliments on my clothes than I had ever before. It was a total stunner.

Fast forward a few months to when I am working at BMW and unfortunately one day I tore a huge gash in my sleeve while at work. I went to my local tailor who gave me the bad news that the jacket was toast. They couldn’t fix it and that based on where the tear was a patch would look not only awkward, but bad as well.

I was a little heartbroken.

After all it was my favorite suit! So for a while I just dealt with it, not having it to wear anymore. But when I got my real estate license and was signed up with a brokerage I decided that I wanted to look my best so I went and bought the same suit again. I had it tailored just like before and in fact, I am typing this blog while wearing it before I head out to work to look at Broker Open Houses.

Sure it cost me money, but I got my suit back.

There are lots of things in life that you can get back. A nice suit, a nice car, and even a nice house. Depending on how life goes you can lose these things as well, as maybe a simple accident at work ruins your suit, or some jerk not paying attention while tailgating you hits you on the freeway and totals out your brand new hot rod, or your family’s income might disappear amidst an economic downturn and you lose your house.

I’ve been there in all those moments.

But guess what? I got a new suit, I got a new car, and I got a new place to live again. All those things that were lost, I got back. Sure, there was a struggle, as there always will be, but I got them back. But there is one thing though that you can never get back.

That is time.

Every moment that passes is gone. It’s here. Ah. Now it’s gone. After you read my blog, you can’t get those minutes back. They are over. So I work to make my blog count and not waste those. Which brings me to crux of today’s post.

Managing Time is paramount.

And boy is it difficult. But the rewards are tremendous once you have it done. With a well scheduled day and solid habits of sticking to your schedule you are free to accomplish so much. But if you don’t plan things well and stick to timelines, many things are skipped or not attended. I have been struggling to budget time properly with my blog personally. Ideally I want to be waking up early every morning and getting this posted first thing in the day, not at 11:30 AM like today. But this is because I am not managing my time as best I can.

I need to get this under control.

Just one observation I have noticed is that ever since I have regularly posted on my blog every day my readership is at levels higher than ever before. People check because they know a post will be here. If I wrote my blog at the same time every day, I bet my readership would even go up more.

That is just one instance of where I know managing time will help me, but it can help me better in every regard. So, with that, it’s time for me to run off to work, and use the time I have left in this day wisely.


Keep Smiling,



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