A Simple Lesson


Yesterday I received a call. Unfortunately it was not a potential buyer or seller of property as a newly licensed real estate agent like myself would hope for, but rather it was a telemarketer. He then began to try to get me to buy something or do a survey, either of which I was not interested in. I could tell he was pressing me and he knew that I was not interested so I then decided to press back.

I will be honest I had a beer in me so I was being a little silly. I then asked him if he was interested in making an offer on a house in a particular city. He told me he was not and then replied well what about with another house in another area.

He then said to me,

“Sir if you are going to waste my time I will make you regret it.”

I thought to myself oh shit, this telemarketer is threatening me.

This was a first.

Instantly I said alright then and decided to not waste his time and I hung up. The man then preceded to call my phone repeatedly of which I answered every time only to hear dead air.

Finally I blocked the number.

But again, it got me thinking. I really did not need to mess back with that telemarketer. All I should have done was say sorry I am not interested, have a nice day, and hung up the phone. Instead by messing with him I ended up making him mad and he started to screw with me. Not only was I being unprofessional from the get go, which I shouldn’t be, I then risked making an enemy.

The lesson here is don’t act in any manner that is unnecessary, even if you are getting harassed non-stop every day from telemarketers.

Just behave professionally and end the call. And in other circumstances as well, behave professionally. You never know when someone might snap and get angry and then ruin your day.

It’s not worth it.

Just maintain a good level of professionalism and even if people mess with you, just brush it off and carry on. I will just tell future telemarketers that I am not interested at this time and that I am busy, thank them for the offer, but then hang up. Anything more is just unnecessary.


Keep Smiling,


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