The Importance of Presentation


Recently this week I started painting. more frequently than I had been. When I was done with some of my paintings I looked at them and thought that although there was one in particular that I really liked, none of them were finished.

The presentation them were not complete.

To me, finished artwork is not just the piece itself. It is more than just the art. It is also how it is presented. How does the frame look? Is it behind glass or exposed? What color accent paper are behind it? And is the piece signed and marked? These little things add much to a piece in my opinion.

They make it look complete, and they make it look professional.

Without this, a masterpiece of an artwork may look like a sketch, or something that was done just for fun, or by a novice, when maybe this was not so. But when it is dressed up and made to look like a finished product, then all of sudden it gives off that vibe. Someone seeing it will look at it an entirely different light.

This observance of mine applies to much more than art too.

Think about how people get dressed up. There is a lot that can go into getting dressed up nice. Sure, you might start with a nice dress or a good looking suit, but how you do your hair, what watch or jewelry you choose as an accent piece, and further other subtleties like how you walk, make all the difference in the world.

The little things really make big differences.

The finished presentation of a piece, complete in frame, shows that it was created to be so, with intention. I find that dressing my art up elicits much more favorable responses from people, which is why when I make my art, it is never a finished product until it is framed. That final step of the art process is just as important to me as the first step of making the piece. It is just unfinished in my eyes until I have this process done.

It’s cathartic too.

Because once it is framed, that is it. It’s over. The window for me to edit it, or add to my work any way is over. What has been done is done and now all that is left is for it to be viewed. And with a nice frame, and a good presentation, hopefully more people will like it. And similarly, with a finished presentation of yourself, think about how more people will like you too.


Keep Smiling,


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