Make it up


Yesterday I wrote my post about how I had let down my brother as I had ended up bailing on plans me made. Now I told him I was sorry and that I would let him know in the future that I would be better about things like this.

But let’s be honest. Talk is cheap.

So I recommend when you let someone down, and as we are all human we will do this at some point, actually do something to make up for it. In my case I decided to make some art for him inspired by the events of the day. (Picture Above)

I call this piece “Iceberg.”

My reasoning behind this is that my problem last night was that I did not have one glass of wine. One led to two, and then it led to three, which then led to me sleeping the next day and blowing my friend off.

So much like an iceberg, where is there is more beneath the surface, so often is the case that there is more behind saying,

“Oh I will just have one drink.”

The blue in the painting is a backdrop for the white resembling the ocean and the iceberg, with the red accent being the wine, which leads down into the iceberg.

Of course everyone is free to interpret my painting in their own way: this really is the beauty of art. And of Modern Art especially. Now, I used to be a big hater of Modern Art back in the day. But over time it really grew on me. One of the best things about it, is unlike traditional art which might clearly depict something, like say a house, Modern Art is so exotic and often nebulous that while I have my message that influenced my painting, it interests me when other people tell me how my art makes them feel.

It’s like I get to be creative and a psychologist at the same time.

Pretty fun. But, back to the main point of today, and that is to make up for yourself when you do wrong. Now, this is not always necessary, sometimes it is best to move on, but in the case of your most prized friendships, or when you made a mistake that you should have known better, I do believe that it is good to do something, anything, to show that you are sorry.

Talk is cheap. Do something more.

Your friends, family, and all that you do this for, will be impressed, and glad that you thought of them more. It won’t make the wrong undone, but since you can’t turn back time, it’s the best that one can do.


Keep Smiling,



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