It’s hard to have just one glass


Last night I was invited by a new friend of mine to a wine mixer. I arrived at the party, and while my friend who invited me was unforunately not present, I found out that I had some serious street cred being at the event as I was her guest of sorts.

While I met many new faces and had a great time, I made the mistake of having much more than one glass of wine.

Now, nothing particularly stupid was done or anything, but suffice it to say that the next morning I was not feeling the best. And as such, I kept myself plopped in my bed for a few more hours before I had to be up to attend a luncheon.

But this was a mistake.

I had made plans to meet my brother and study up on real estate investments this morning as he had so kindly offered to teach me what he knew from his college business classes. As I drove to the luncheon I got a text from him asking if we were still going to meet up.

I knew I had messed up as I had made plans and I had not only bailed on him, but further I had not even had the decency to let him know that I could not make it. He informed me later that he was a little upset (and rightly so) that I had bailed and had not given him notice as he sat around waiting for me all morning when he could have done something else.

I apologized, and told him that he was right to feel that way and that I would do better in the future. I then pondered what had happened and further thought to myself that I had not drank so much, I would not have even slept in and felt groggy. The whole thing could have been avoided if I just drank one glass of wine,

Well maybe two. But I should have stopped there.

It is so easy to get going drinking. Where you have one, then two, then three, and then the next day you are hungover and not getting out of bed. I am not saying that people can’t have a good time every now and then, or that you shouldn’t, but if you have places to be the very next morning it probably is not a good idea to hit the sauce.

It got me thinking. One glass of wine is almost like an iceberg. It doesn’t look so bad, but the truth is that there is much more beneath and before you know it you have drank the bottle. Or two. So that is my late two cents for today, as again I would have written this earlier had I not been so off-kilter for the day.

Try to stick to one glass.

At least if you have somewhere to be the next day.


Keep Smiling,


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