You don’t really need a reason

  • Tonight I was going to go to bed early. But then I just couldn’t. I decided that I wanted to walk around my town for a bit first, after all this was why I decided to come live in Redondo Beach in the first place.

It’s the exact change of pace from living in the country.

I get to walk down town, through the brisk Pacific Sea Air, past the all the bars and late night coffee shops, and just enjoy myself. As I strolled through the Riviera I noticed a news van parked outside a restaurant. I thought why not go see what’s up. That was it, simple curiosity.

No other particular reason.

I approached the van and met a man and a woman working inside. The reporters informed me that they were in town as earlier in the day a dog was stolen by a transient but a nest cam had captured the event and subsequently Redondo Beach locals went on a manhunt and recovered the dog hours later.

He laughed as he said to me “We are covering a happy story!”

Then I joked to him that since they were covering a good story that they would need to cover three train wrecks after.

He replied “Of course.”

We bantered further and came up with the best worst story to cover. It would be a train wreck of which all the passengers would be recently cured cancer patients of which the train would careen off of a bridge into a lake, where the patients would escape the sinking train, only to be devoured by alligators.

Talk about some good news right there.

The three of us laughed for a bit more and I exchanged my information with them and then went off on my merry way to drink a beer and write, while they went to work on their program some more.

As I say at the bar, thinking about what to write for today, I realized that the best part of that encounter was that I didn’t have any reason for approaching their van other than that I was simply curious and that I wanted to.

It’s a great reason to have. Just because you want to.

So that’s my two cents for today, if there is something you are thinking of doing, just go for it. You don’t need to concoct all kinds of other reasons for why it is okay to approach someone or say something, etc.

If you want to do something, just do it. You don’t really need any other reason.

Keep Smiling,


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