The Final Frontier


For all my life, I have struggled with proper posture. As a child I was always hunching over, especially as middle school set in. I had a huge backpack, despite being tiny, and it was filled with a multitude of heavy textbooks.

I remember many a day where I would hobble to class with what seemed like 100 pounds of dead-weight on my back.

Later on in high school, I would hunch more as I would skateboard around. I felt standing up straight on the skateboard to be uncomfortable and would mess with my balance.

A natural slouch had set it in.

As college hit, I realized that I was losing a good inch or two due to my simple slouching, and combined with my mother constantly yelling at me for it, I decided to work hard at standing up straight. Over the next years I successfully did in fact change my posture and nowadays I regularly have good standing posture.

However, when I am sitting in a chair, this is not so.

This is what I call the final frontier. Proper seated posture. And it is so hard to do. Every time I sit in a chair I just want to slouch, and sink into the seat, or the table in front of me. But I know that I should not.

It is high time to work harder at this and sit properly.

Because if I don’t, my habit that is already bad, will get worse and as I age I may end up like some relatives of mine that have a hunch which they cannot change. I would like not to be a hunchback when I am older. And especially not so when I am young.

I don’t think people find hunches too attractive.

So off I go, onwards into the final frontier. Sitting up straight as I type this blog, feeling the strain in my abdominal muscles as I fight against my bodies desire to slouch forwards. I will not give in reader!

I will sit and fight.


Keep Smiling,


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