Live Charismatically


Today I decided to take a fun trip. To be specific, I went down to San Diego to pick up some Rats.

That is right, you heard correctly: Rats.

After I fed my pet snake Gwynevere last week I decided that while I could handle doing it again, it was not something that I particularly wanted to do. As she was devouring the mouse I thought to myself,

Gee I think I would rather have the rodent than the snake.

I decided to return her to the pet shop and procure for myself a new pet. I had originally looked into getting rats in the first place, but I found myself talked into getting a snake in the process. So I went back to plan A and chose to get a pet rat.

Doing my research on rats I found that they are extremely intelligent animals and that they even can learn their names sand come when called. Further, as with any animal, there are risks and you want to be sure that the animal comes from a respectable breeder.

I found a good breeder with stellar reviews in San Diego and after a back and forth this weekend I then decided to go down and pick up the rats. On my way I called my friends and family in the San Diego area and in between and have been working to meet up with as many of them as I can.

I stopped by La Jolla to meet up with my long time stream friend Tiffany, but as she is working currently I stopped by this nice place called the AT Coffee House. I met the workers Carol and Patrick while I was waiting and had a great chat with them about their place and the La Jolla area.

Patrick then responded to me that I was very charismatic.

And that I reminded him of the New Spiderman.

I truly appreciated the compliment. It got me thinking further. Being good at sales, and meeting people, it is more than just talking to people. It is about being charismatic. It is approaching people in a fun way, where they feel comfortable and such that they have a good time.

I really don’t know how to teach this, but I would highly encourage it.

Speaking with charisma and living in such a manner opens all kinds of doors. It is the difference between people welcoming you into their home or shutting the door. It is the difference between getting the job or them telling you that “it isn’t the right fit.” It is the difference between making friendships with new people or being alone.

And how to get it mystifies me.

I think about my upbringing and what my parents did, and if there was anything in particular that helped me become who I am. Or maybe thinking about it in that lens is too reductionist. Maybe it’s not that one thing they did made me a more charismatic person, maybe it was everything that they did.

I really do owe a lot to my Mother and Father.

Writing this post a day after Mother’s Day, I realize that I should have written it yesterday. But then again, it doesn’t really matter. Because my Mother and I know that Mother’s Day isn’t just one day a year, it’s every day. And I am blessed to have her in my life.

Thanks mom, for making me who I am. And I got rid of the snake like you asked.


Keep Smiling,


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