Drive Responsibly


Today started off like anything other Sunday. Enjoyed the weekend morning, rose up a little slower than usual, but then got to dealing with my day. I hopped in my car and started driving around town taking care of my errands for the day.

The next thing I know I am on PCH just minding my own business when this silver Honda is suddenly on my tail.

The car then rapidly accelerates past me and weaves in and out of traffic to only move one or two car lengths when we all get to the next red light. Funnily enough all the work he went to with his racer antics didn’t even get him ahead of me as the car he was then placed behind drove very slowly, and once again I was in front of him.

Which of course meant that he was soon going to be tailgating me again.

Which he did. I was not surprised. But I was incredibly nervous. This past summer I was involved in my first car crash, which totaled my car, which is not something that I ever want to repeat. And unfortunately this is not necessarily up to me.

Especially when you have assholes like this driving on the road.

Not only was his tailgating, weaving, and accelerating unnecessary, it didn’t stop there. We got to this one stretch in Redondo where this car literally drove in the opposite lane of traffic for hundreds and hundreds of feet just so he could reach a left turn lane at an intersection just a few seconds earlier than if he had just stayed behind my car.

I literally could not believe what I saw. The guy was an absolute madman.

I felt a little nervous for everyone that was going to be on Torrance Blvd. as that was the direction he was going, but I was relieved that he was off PCH. At least now I could feel safe.

Which brings me to the moral of story. Your driving is not just about you and your life. Everyone else on the road has one two. Don’t forget that. Drive responsibly. This means no excessive speeds, stay in the correct lanes, don’t look at the phone, and most importantly chill out.

Why is there the need to step on the gas and race to the next red light?

Drive your car like a normal human being should, and all of us other normal human beings will thank you deeply as the chances of us getting into a deadly car accident with you will be much much less.

Cars are dangerous in themselves, and in the hands of someone who is behaving foolishly they are a weapon.

Just play it safe. Drive responsibly.


Keep Smiling,



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