A Chance Encounter


Last night my good friend Tyler and I were strolling through Redondo Beach with our guitars after he had taught me a guitar lesson. We decided to walk on down to the beach and play some music by the ocean. So the two of us are just strumming and strolling through the town past the bars, the cars, the passerbys, and then I saw her.

My ex-girlfriend.

I saw the look in her eyes as they widened up and then the expression that former on her face as I read her lips mouth the words,


As we were walking right past each other, I reached out to say “hello” and “how have you been,” but her and her boyfriend just kept walking. I certainly don’t blame them for doing so either. In all likelihood at least someone in the conversation, whether she or her boyfriend, would feel terribly awkward so sometimes its best to keep on moving.

The two of us had not seen each other in about a year, and being honest the relationship did not end on a good note. Further, I was pretty bitter towards her for the past year, but recently I had been thinking a lot about the relationship and some of the things that she had said to me.

And I will admit she did have some points.

And I have to be thankful for her too, because had she not said lots of the things she said, I doubt I would have been inspired to start working on my career in the way that things happened.

So today I can truly type, that I am no longer bitter at all towards her and that seeing her with her new boyfriend walking around town, I am happy for her. The two of them really did look great together.

It was a chance encounter, though destined to happen at some point as we do live in the same town, but I think it was a good one. It gave me time to reflect on my attitude over the past year, and especially how being bitter towards others is so destructive. It’s like my brother Tony said to me the other day regarding it,

“It does nothing good.”

I completely agree. Throw bitterness away. All it does is make you hate others, blame others, and do anything and everything except grow as a person. Just move on and move up from emotions such as this. Besides if you don’t, how the hell are you supposed to


Keep Smiling,



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