Go Big or Go Home


A few days ago I ran into my old friend Adam at a bar. It had been a hot minute since I had seen him so it was really cool catching up. The two of us used to play basketball together back in the day, but we hadn’t really seen each other since. Funnily enough I am currently looking for an investment property for his mother as well, so fancy that running into him too.

I met his girlfriend and another friend of his at the bar and we all caught up. As the conversation progressed his friend and him showed me photos of them skateboarding as they had recently gotten back into it. They were riding on these sick backyard half pipes and I asked them where they got those? Adam responded that someone built them on this empty lot next to his house and that they had just been sitting there for a while.

No fucking way.

Talk about a teenage dream. If only those half pipes existed when I was in high school. That would have been the best. Adam then invited me to come through anytime and skate them, and so today I took him up on the offer.

Man oh man, it felt good.

I had not skateboarded on a half pipe in quite some time. At first I was a little nervous as I naturally did not want to fall, and it had been a while. But once I dropped in a few times I started to get the hang of it and my tricks came back. I was able to pull off 5-0 stalls, rock to fakie, fakie to rock, and most excitedly tail stalls.

I absolutely love going into tail stall.

Especially so because that trick took me a very long time to learn originally. The whole move freaked me out so much, I always thought I was going to eat shit. But once I committed to it and went for it, it honestly my opinion is one of the easier skateboard tricks. But I will say, full commitment is required.

If you half-ass it you have a golden recipe for falling and hurting yourself.

That is one lesson I have really taken away from my days in skateboarding. If you don’t seriously attempt a trick believing that you can actually land it, you are just asking to mess up. And worse, when you mess up a trick often you might land with only one foot on the board which is exactly how you slip and fall.

So my recommendation is when going for a trick, or really anything else in life, just go for it all the way. Don’t give it 50%. If you are giving 50% then you might as well save that 50% and just not go for it.

Go big or go home.


Keep Smiling,


My Moment


This past weekend I finally got to do something that I had never done before:

Be an extra in a real production movie.

I know I know, it’s all happening so fast. Not only did they say that I absolutely killed it on day one, they even wanted me to come back to reprise my role for a second day. I don’t want to rust to judgement or anything,

But I think this was my moment.

Hey everyone starts somewhere right? Hahaha joking aside I really did have a fun time being on set seeing how the actors got ready for their roles as well as all the people behind the scenes that make the whole process go smoothly. There were multiple camera men, the producer, the director, assistant director, the boom guy, make-up artist, designer, and numerous other people that had roles of which I just don’t even know the names yet.

There are a lot of jobs on movie sets.

The movie is called “Take me to Tarzana” and it is about a group of office workers that take down the evil corporation Teleplex. Based on my past office jobs I can relate to the script. Especially about the constant sexual harassment from my bosses.

I am just too attractive you know?

Talk about a cross to bear. Anyways, back to the jobs on set. Adam was one of the chief people behind the scenes making sure that everyone was where they were supposed to be and would contact the other extras and myself as to when we should get downstairs as well as when we should be quiet as they were recording. Chloe also did that as well, she was would say kindly,


She is a very subtle person. But we were able to get the message. Truth is you need to be extra quiet when they are recording because the mic will pic lots of sound up, especially footsteps from people upstairs or in neighboring rooms, and then if too much sound is picked up they will have to shoot the scene all over again, which just wastes everyone’s time.

I really enjoyed the whole experience on set, and even better I actually met multiple clients who were interested in buying houses! Talk about a win-win. Who knows maybe if I keep this up I will be “Realtor to the stars.”

I’ll gladly take that job.

Nearing the end of the second day I was there, which was the last day on set, Adam gave us extras a very nice thank-you note for us helping out on the set. It was written on the paper towel pictured above, which was fucking hilarious, and I will be honest, one of the extras Adele, came up with the idea to add the Cheeto dust.

Which was even more hilarious.

So full disclosure, in defense of Adam, he was classy enough to give us a clean paper towel. We added the Cheeto dust. But now the elephant in the room was that there was only thank you for all of us extras so I asked them all that if I could have their permission to take it and turn into art. The note read,

“You guys are AWESOME background! – Certified, Adam Kromachou ESQ.”

Talk about professional. And touching. From its inception this note was begging to be high art. So by unanimous agreement the extras banded together and commissioned me to honor this great piece of “Take me to Tarzana” history and turn it into the masterpiece that you all see above. I know that I have served my brothers and sisters in extra-ness well.

“Take me to Tarzana” is scheduled for release in 2020 so be on the lookout for it, as well as that dapper young man in the grey suit, blue shirt, and the ridiculous bowling-esque shirt.

Five Star IMDB reviews only.

Extra gang till the day we die.


Keep Smiling,




The Death of my Electric Blanket


Today’s post is a bit different from my usual ones. Normally I write about what I call “incontestable life advice,” i.e. the types of things that everyone can agree with, such as not looking at your phone while you are conversing with another. But today’s post, well this one is just for fun.


This past Christmas my mother gave me an electric blanket. Yes, an electric blanket. And yes it was one of the best presents I have ever received. Not only because the blanket keeps me warm at night, but because it makes me dream. No lie.

Every time I go to sleep with the blanket turned on I have absolutely crazy dreams.

And man oh man do I love to dream with this thing on. Every night I get to experience utter insanity as my dreams make zero sense. They often have nothing to do with anything that has recently happened in my day or in my life (as far as I can tell, but I’m sure some psychologist would disagree, whatever sue me), and almost always no one I know is ever present.

Every night I submerge myself into a world of complete strangers, constant teleportation, and games of insanity.

My last crazy dream had me in a large house, of a Victorian style construction (maybe because I recently became a real estate agent and I saw a house like this?), and this Chinese man and I were in a strange fight. I ran up the stairs and he was waiting in the bathroom. I then proceeded to throw a Molotov cocktail at his feet and set the house on fire. (I think my Molotov ideas came from my days playing Counter Strike)

He was quick to respond though.

He started throwing plates at me and I quickly dodged them, similar to George Bush and the flying shoe from back in Iraq. I returned volley with a vase (where the hell was I getting these things to throw? I think maybe the Vase came from me liking Ai Wei Wei’s art, who knows I’m just shooting in the dark here) but he too dodged with Matrix like skills. And he wouldn’t burn either.

Maybe it was Ai Wei Wei!

Let’s just go with that. And if so, the dream might make sense in that I recently have started making art, and maybe it was my subconscious revealing its insecurities to me that it feels that Ai Wei Wei is a better artist than we are and that it was lashing out. If so, my subconscious is stupid because Ai Wei Wei is a way better artist than we are and it shouldn’t be picking a fight with him! Anyways, back to the dream.

In that moment I knew I was defeated.

I was no match for Ai Wei Wei. The only option left was to run. And run fast. I flew down the stairs, and that is where my dream memory ends. Let’s just round up and assume I escaped and lived to fight another day.

But my main point is that the electric blanket was one of the best gifts I have ever received. Every night for me is a bizarro movie. Makes no sense, but hey I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now that my blanket bit the dust I am going to need to get a new one. These dreams are too fun to let go. And even more so fun to hopelessly psychoanalyze.

So I say, go buy an electric blanket and turn that puppy up to 11.

Dream on.


Keep Smiling,


Extend yourself


Today’s post is a sort of repost. As I have been writing on my blog for a little over two years now there are certain themes of mine that have arisen. One of my most central themes is to extend yourself.

To anyone and everyone you meet.

There are so many wonderful people that you might meet every single day, if you just stopped and took the time to say hello. Just yesterday I reconnected with an old friend from high school and the two of us went bicycle riding down in the South Bay. As the two of us were riding through the Redondo Beach Pier I saw a man running with a local high school soccer team shirt on. I thought he looked familiar so then I shouted his name.

The man turned around and it was in fact my old high school English teacher.

The three of us then caught up and had a great conversation about what it was like for us as students then, how it is for students now, and just about politics and other topics as well. It was a really nice conversation. After we were done talking and we went our separate ways for the night my friend Daniel made the remark to me,

“Dude, I love hanging out with you. With you I meet so many amazing people. You are so comfortable talking to anyone.”

It was a very nice compliment. And it’s true. Because I am so comfortable with talking to anyone I am always meeting new people, or rekindling friendships with old ones. Most people are uncomfortable with reaching out such that when they see a potential familiar face they just let the opportunity to say slip on by. Take seeing my English teacher for example. I could have just thought to myself that he looked familiar and left it that but I decided to give it a shot and yell his name.

Turned out I was right.

But let’s say I was wrong and that it wasn’t him. Well most likely the man wouldn’t have even responded since I wouldn’t have called his name, and if he did in fact turn around and it wasn’t him I would have just said something akin to

“Oh my mistake I thought I knew you. Sorry!”

But even then I have taken those times into moments to introduce myself to someone new and even made a friend when originally I thought it was someone else.

Take every opportunity you have to meet someone new. You just never know who they might be. And it all starts with extending yourself. Simple as that. Yes, it can be very hard at the beginning to get comfortable with approaching other people, but the more you do it the easier it becomes, and soon you will be surprised with the network of people that you create.

So get out there, and extend yourself.


Keep Smiling,