Just do the job

As I stand here waiting for people to attend a short film screening, I could do two things. Either pretend to type things on my phone so I don’t look like I’m totally bored or that I have the bitch job, or I could type a blog post while I wait for people to arrive and then shamelessly plug my blog.

While still doing the bitch job.

Joking aside, I truly love doing things like this. Whatever job I am asked to do, if I get to go somewhere fun and meet new people I am totally in. I find all too often many people think they are above others and especially above doing certain jobs.

Hell with some people, they might think that they are above all jobs.

Not me though. Really, I mean that. I’m not looking to exactly make next to nothing in wages for the entirety of my life, but I have no problem volunteering for something or starting out a base wage.

Just do your job.

Just do a job.

Trust me, it can be fun, fulfilling, and you may never know where it leads. Tonight is my first time helping my friend with one of her productions, and so far I’ve met some cool people. And I got another blog post in.

I can’t complain.

Keep Smiling,


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