Setting Priorities


Even as a kid I lamented how there was just not enough time in the day. My Second Grade schoolteacher Mrs. Canady had commented to my mother,

“The hardest thing for Nolan will be to choose what he wants to do.”

Truer words have never been spoken about me. And its not because like many people I hate what I do and I just want to quit doing, it is in fact the exact opposite. I love doing so many things I am always trying to do as much as I can.

My new goal is to become a modern renaissance man.

But with that said, I still need to pick a career. Something that I can stick with and bring in reliable income of which I also enjoy. Over the past year especially I bounced from job to job testing out which I would enjoy the most. I went from working in internet entertainment, to on political campaigns, to auto sales, the moving & storage industry, as well as a brief foray into insurance that quickly led me to the realization that if I was going to go back into sales I might as well do it in real estate.

The thing that I love most is meeting people,

and especially being able to make a personal connection. If I was selling insurance it would be a more auto-sales type of job where the customer comes in but is out of the office before the end of the day. I wanted something a little more than that. Where my interactions were a little deeper.

What better than real estate? I get to meet all types of people from all over and get to know them over a decent enough length of time. Couple that with being able to sell them a product that they will be excited with and the ability to make a good living?

Count me in.

So after passing my Real Estate Exam two weeks ago I decided that I really need to get my priorities straight. Real Estate can be an absolutely great career for me, but it is not something that will just fall into my lap. There is intense competition between hundreds of other local agents and thousands of regional ones. How I am going to make it such that that a potential buyer or seller chooses to work with me over another agent?

In short, I need to get myself out there.

And that starts with getting outside of my apartment. No one is going to meet me and I won’t have that chance to strike up a conversation with a potential buyer or seller if I never get outside into the public eye. Further, now is the time to work. I am just starting out. Sure, maybe down the line I can take my foot off of the gas and relax a little bit, but surely not now.

Right now I need to work hard, and further, I need to work smart.

If there is another lesson I have learned recently, it’s that you might have the right intention, but maybe you are not going about it the right way. You have to think about how you can make something work out in a way that actually is going to be effective. Sure there are many different roads and methods that might get me leads, etc. but I need to make sure that they work with me and are something sustainable.

One thing I have thought a lot about is the usage of social media. Today many people are all about social media selling, e.g. posting on facebook, instagram, etc., but to be honest with you,

I really do despise social media.

Mainly because I believe that it is a lot of work that really does not bring about a huge yield. Over much social media usage on my twitch stream I felt that it did not bring that many additional viewers to my show. And worst off it was a lot of work for me. It felt very inefficient. But it did really help me notice my strengths. Many times my new viewers were people that I met in real life, or those that I struck up a conversation with in game. Anyone that had a more personal connection to me was much more interested in me and the chance of them coming into my stream was so much higher than that of the people browsing my instagram posts, etc.

I fully understand that my best strength is meeting people in real life.

And this is because I truly love people. I naturally talk to the person in line next to me, the person walking to their car in the parking lot, every cashier I meet, every barista, almost every single person that I come in to contact with.

And I love doing this.

It’s why I came back from Oregon. To be around and be with people. So to me instagram, facebook, and other social media websites are just shallow attempts at what I naturally enjoy doing face to face. I would rather just opt out of that and stick to what I do best.

Now of course I understand that social media is the standard today so I have been working on my profiles and getting them set up so that people can view me and reach out, but as for active daily content on them I am not interested. I will use them to the level that I feel is standard for work, but past that no dice.

I have my other ideas about how I will get my work done.

Just watch, I am going to get out there like never before. Even though I have my own place now, I am hardly going to be there. If you want to catch me, find me at Yoga Classes, Toastmasters functions, Chess meetups, Coffee Shops, and much more. I even have a couple secret hare-brained ideas up my sleeve for how I am going to get some new  leads.

And I tell you, most people who hear them will surely tell me that they ate stupid and won’t work, but trust me I know they will.

So now it is time for me to set my priorities and focus on my real estate career as number one. Further, my plans are to set the vast majority of my activities to be things that can also help towards my real estate career in some way. My goal is to use my time in the most efficient way I can, and that starts with being social.

And in the flesh. Not on the keyboard.


Keep Smiling,



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