Why is this news?


I realize that I am getting to this post a few days late, but it is something that has been on my mind the past few days and I have just not gotten around to it.

Recently Beto O’Rourke has decided to run for President and already the personal character attacks have begun.

It really didn’t take much time did it.

Now I understand this very well as I have actually worked on political campaigns in the past.

I don’t like it. I believe it is dirty. But I understand that it happens.

When you run for office your name just gets dragged through the mud.

But I have standards. There are some things that are just not news. They simply don’t matter. Chiefly things that politicians did when they were way back in high school. Apparently Beto wrote some literature where he fantasized about running over a child and killing him. Some dark stuff, sure. But you know what?

Why is this news.

We are talking about what a teenager wrote for Christ’s sake. We all know that what people do as children and as teenagers has often little to do with what they do as adults. Hell, how many of us did things that were incredibly stupid or offensive as kids that we never did later on in our life? I would bet that most if not all of us are part of that camp.

I can tell you that I sure was.

Back when I was in high school I was an internet troll. I would say anything and everything just to get people mad! Especially if I had an audience, e.g. friends that I was playing with. I said the N-word, the F-word, and much more just to get a rise out of people. And further, because I was told that I couldn’t.

Now, am I proud of any of this behavior?

Hell no I am not.

And further, I wish I never trolled people like I did. It pisses me off at how stupid I once was because nothing would make me more upset for my name to be dragged through the mud as a “racist” (something I deeply am not) because of insulting things I said through microphone when I was teenager.

I look back at my behavior and see that I was just a tiny, angsty, teen boy trying to get a rise out of people. I look at Beto and see a similar situation. Just a teen going through teenage stuff and being moody.

By the way here is a Pro Tip: If you want a teenager to do something, just tell them that they aren’t allowed to. Then they will surely do it.

When did we lose the ability to grow up? To realize that kids do stupid shit, and I really mean stupid shit. But that is what growing up is about. We can’t and we don’t expect kids to behave appropriately. That is why they are taught and raised so that ideally when they become adults they are good functioning members of society.

We all know this.

This is further proven by the fact that we have an entire separate court system and law for juveniles. It is so obvious that when a child, or a teenager commits a crime or does something wrong that it is far different from when an adult does the same.

And this is because it takes growing up and maturity to make appropriate decisions. 

So why doesn’t the media just leave this shit alone? Why don’t they judge Beto on his politics and his life decisions he has made as an adult? Why must they go after his “troubled” high school years? And further, calling them troubled is likely a stretch. If we look at every single kid in the same light then all of them would be troubled.

Everyone has done something dumb, offensive, immoral, wrong, offensive, etc. at some point.

I don’t care who you are. I know this is true. And if you deny it, well then by God you must be Jesus and I would sure as hell like to meet you and follow you.

Teach me oh wise one.

But spare me the bullshit. We all know we have done dumb things, and especially so when we were young. So the fact that news outlets and people were reporting on stuff about Beto’s childhood really rubbed me the wrong way.

It’s not news. It’s just a really sad character assassination.

Mind you, I am not a Beto fan. I really doubt that I am going to vote for the guy. But I will tell you that I have the decency to smell an unfair character assassination when I see one, and that is the real story here.

Where the hell has American decency gone?

So much of the time what is being written is really not important, and further with these character attacks I would love to see exposes written on the people that write these stories. I bet every one of these writers has done something just as or possibly more fucked up at often times than whatever and whoever they are writing about.

I try not to judge people in general, but especially so when I know that I have made similar mistakes in the past. I try hard to not be a hypocrite. Is that so wrong? It seems that nowadays few people try to do this.

Anyways the whole thing is just so unjust to me.

And look at that. I just did a google search of Beto to make sure I had spelled his name correctly before I posted this blog and apparently there is a new article about how Beto pranked his wife with one of his baby’s turds saying it was an avocado?


This is so inane. It doesn’t matter. Let’s please return to politics, namely the actual issues. Not the things that happen in the bedroom, or in the home, or back in their childhood.

Back to finishing my post. Let people grow up. We don’t need to know about the sins of the past, especially if they weren’t really that bad to ever begin with. Let’s just focus on the issues of the present and further with what people do in their adult lives.

Let’s bring decency back.


Keep Smiling,


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