Start Saying Hello. It’s a Small World.


I say hello to people, every day, almost every time I see someone. And this has really started to pay dividends. First, because I get to meet tons of new people, get new perspectives, and just in general have an all around better day on the regular.

But, I have started to run into people again for a second time.

Yesterday I was at a Starbucks, and I saw this dude in a Bathory hoodie. I kept starting at him as he just seemed familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Anyways, before I left I complimented him on the hoodie and said hello. He was stoked that I liked the music he listened to and he said have a good day.

Later on I checked up on my Instagram and I see the same dude in the same hoodie in my posts. It was NickWaste a local drummer for the 1034 band whom I met a few months back in Guitar Center! I commented on the photo,


We then chatted some more and had a good time. We will probably kick it soon too. That will be fun!

But then I had another experience.

I met this man Martin in line at IKEA a few days ago. We were both waiting forever so we got to talking. He is from Denmark and is out here working in the shipping industry. We decided to meet up for a beer this week and then I raised him one more and invited him to a local chess meetup. We could play a game and then go grab a drink after.

We had fun playing, I won hahaha (we will see who wins next week) and then we went to this bar around the corner after. We get to talking to these two dudes next to us and what a small world it turns out that one of them was the employee that worked where I work before I got hired! He moved on to another job for more pay and then the company hired me later on.

What a small world.

We talked about all the mutual co-workers we knew and again exchanged numbers as we will meet up again soon at some point. Definitely we are planning to surprise our mutual friend who also works with me and goes to that same bar.

This is what happens when you talk to people.

You make connections, you gain friends, and trust me this world is so small. Much Much smaller than it seems. If you keep talking to people you are going to run into them again. And further you never know who people know. Maybe you don’t see them but you know a mutual friend of theirs. So many opportunities can be opened to you so long as you just say hello and talk to the person next to you.

I’m already looking forward for my next small world moment.


Keep Smiling,


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