Back after a short break.


As some of you may have noticed, I took a short break from writing my daily blog posts over the last week. Sorry I was gone. But now I am returning to writing some more. I wrote a post semi-recently where I mentioned that if I didn’t have much to write about I wouldn’t just write for the sake of writing, however while that sounded good that was not really true.

There is always something to write about. You just have to think about it a little bit harder sometimes than others.

Honestly the chief reason that my posts in this past week have been scarce has been due to the fact that I just moved into my own apartment. Moving everything in and out has been quite hectic and finally I am getting close to settled in.

But still not quite just yet.

My bro helped me move in a Television today and some other hutches as well from when I used to live at his place. I really appreciate his help today, I totally could not have done that on my own. It has been a solid amount of work.

But it is very cool; my apartment is finally starting to come together.

I can’t wait until I am done. Not only will it be a nice place for my friends to visit and for people to come hang out at, but it will be something for me to be fully proud of. I finally have my own place and it is mine alone to take care of. If anything is to be done I need to do it or lest the whole thing will turn into a mess.

Which I will not allow.

I cannot stand messiness, something that in the past I had to deal with from many of my roommates. I like to keep things nice and tidy. The highest goal is to have my apartment look like the inside was the set for an interior design magazine stock photo set.

Well, it’s not quite there, but it is getting there. And I am excited for how it will look when it is all done, because I have found that your living arrangements really do have a large effect on your psyche. If your home is presentable, you will feel presentable.

If your home is a blast zone, well you will feel like that too.


Well my short break is over, and it is back to work. Until next time everyone.


Keep Smiling,


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