My first Chess Lesson


Yesterday was a fantastic day for me as a chess player. I kicked things off with a fantastic game on stream where I consistently outplayed my opponent and further capitalized on his (or her) mistakes. The game made me feel very good as it was clear that I have considerably grown as a chess player since my first forays into chess only a few weeks ago.

After the stream I then took it up another notch. I had my first one on one chess lesson with Ahmad, my new chess teacher. Ahmad is currently an International Master, which is a very high rank, definitely not a joke. This guy can seriously play chess.

And in fact it is all he does.

Well not quite, he also is studying literature as well, which in my opinion further compliments his chess prowess through highlighting his intelligence with an appreciate for form and beauty, but I digress.

Ahmad kicks ass at chess.

That is all you need to know. And I am very thankful for having my lesson and further from my other coach Ace who took me under his wing throughout my twitch streams. His guidance really showed me that there is so much more than meets the eye to chess and really got me hooked into the game. He recommended to me that I start taking lessons as well from his teacher Ahmad and I jumped at the opportunity.

Ahmad’s lesson was great as it instructed me in how to look for further moves and how to understand the concepts of certain elements of chess such as “The Bad Bishop” i.e. a bishop which is locked in to its squares and is not mobile. This is something that must be dealt with my trading or by developing such that the Bishop can become properly functional again.

After the lesson, Ahmad recommended to me to look into attending chess events as I was in Southern California where there are plenty. I then googled chess in the South Bay and found out that there is literally a chess meet up once a week only a few blocks from where I live.

Talk about convenient!

I told him that I would start going regularly and he was very pleased. I further mentioned to him that my goal will be to become one of his best students and to seriously grow and understand this game further. I have set a high bar for myself, but I believe I can deliver.

And it is going to be one hell of a ride. Welcome to chess.


Keep Smiling,



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