Getting it all together


As you know from my latest posts, this weekend I finally moved into my own place. And this has been exciting on many different levels, particularly when it comes to furnishing my apartment. Upon renting,

It was flat empty.

It was even missing a refrigerator. Oh well, the location is great so I cannot complain. After all I am typing this post at a Starbucks just about a block and a half away from my apartment.


I absolutely love being in walking distance to coffee shops, stores, bars, and the beach. It gives me something fun to do, all while being so convenient. But right now I am bit busy to get into all that stuff right now. I need to finish getting my apartment set up. Now, not completely decorated that will come with time, but getting the basics done at least.

I got a desk in yesterday and I built my bed, but I realized that I need a bookshelf and another desk to finish a room. In fact,

I have way more stuff than I thought.

It is honestly scarily impressive at how quickly material possessions start to add up. Especially when you think you are being frugal in the first place.

Guess not lol.

But I do think I have jettisoned a good amount of the items I don’t need, although I will go through everything I have and give it all another relook soon. There really is always something to throw away. Or recycle, or donate, whatever you wish.

Just de-clutter. That’s all I’m saying.

Because when you remove the junk, then you have more space to the things that are worthwhile to breathe. Especially when your space is limited, such as in an apartment. When you live in a house there is space to spare, but not so in a smaller unit. So I’m trying to find a way to let go with what I don’t need, but also organize everything that I want to keep in a good manner such that space is maximized but that everything looks good.

I hate having my place look tacky.

I can’t just leave things around in the open. It needs to be in a closet or in a pantry or something. Unless it is art, which has got to be in a visible space. Anyways, I am just going on at this point, but I wanted you all to know that I am working hard on fixing up my place and getting it all together.

And when it is all done and nice, I can’t wait to write some really inspired blogs.


Keep Smiling,


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