There is always a better deal


Recently I have been looking for a place to rent. And I have been checking Zillow,, Forrent, Westside, and Craigslist every single day. About a week ago I found a place that was really cheap. The cheapest place in the area I was looking at by far. But when I looked at the ad it didn’t have any photos of the inside and thus I concluded that it must not look that great. Further, it didn’t have any parking.

So I decided to pass on it.

But as I kept looking at other places and at the prices of them, which were higher, I decided to give the other place a shot and check it out. I reached out to the property management company and got the contact information of the tenant that lived there so I could arrange for a showing. We planned to meet on Sunday but when the day came and I was driving around looking at places with my folks I decided to pass as I didn’t want to waste their time.

The next day I thought that I should have checked the place out anyways so I arranged for another showing and I said that I would actually show up this time. The next day I woke up early to see the studio and when I did I was unbelievably impressed. The unit was on a third story with a real panoramic ocean view and a balcony. I could not believe it. Sure I was going to have to deal with street parking, but hey the price could not be beat. I instantly called the landlord and offered to put even 6 months rent down if he wanted, so to claim the place for my own.

But it was too late. It had been rented yesterday.

A woman came in on Sunday to check out the property and was also so excited about it she applied the very next day and was approved. I was out of luck. And deservedly so. I didn’t take action so someone else did.

I can tell you, I was thoroughly disappointed. Had I just given the property a chance on Sunday, and actually showed up like I said I would, then I would have known that despite the bad photos the property was a good place to rent.

But I didn’t even give it a chance.

Afterwards I ate breakfast with a friend and he told me just like my Dad had as well, that something better will pop up.

“Once you think you missed out on the best deal, another one comes along.”

I said sure okay, nice words to hear at least because I was feeling down. I then hopped in my car and headed to work and browsed through some listings and scheduled to check one out during my lunch break. I went and visited one place, it was really close to my work so that was a plus, and it was very nice, but it was a tad pricey. I looked at it as the place I would choose if I just couldn’t find anything else. But I decided that I would go give this other place I had seen a look at. The pictures on the internet were definitely wanting as it had the same problem as the previous listing,

there were no photos of the inside.

But this time around I said who cares. Checking it out wouldn’t hardly take any time and if it was bad I could be on my merry and way and if it turned out to be good I could put in a rent application. And what do you know, it turned out to be good. Nice spacious interior, with most utilities included, tons of natural light, prime location, a balcony with a view, and a covered parking spot right underneath the unit that had room to park without fear of scratching my car doors! And only a six month lease, at a decent price too.

I really was surprised. I told the building manager who was showing me the place that I would love to apply and fill out the rental application. He said he had a good feeling about me and that if I moved in by March 1st he would even give me a slight discount on the rent. I said that I would love that. The sooner I could move in the better. That same day I filled out the application.

Fingers crossed.

As I type this blog post now, the landlord is running my credit and then will get back to me afterwards as to whether I have been approved or not. And while things are looking good, there is no guarantee that I get the place or not. If I do, I do, if I don’t I don’t. But I do know this now.

That whenever you think you have gotten the best deal, there always is another one that comes around the corner.

And don’t let this make you hesitant to pull the trigger and rent a place or what have you, otherwise you will be perennially waiting, but don’t let it get you down if you quote miss out.


Happy Hunting & Keep Smiling,


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