Finding Compromise


Today as I write this post I am looking for a new place to live. I have probably about a month maximum left at where I am currently staying and I will need a new place to live. I am grateful for being able to live where I am at currently, but as it is only temporary I need to find something soon. And because the people have been so gracious to me in letting me stay with them on such short notice in the past I really do not want to stay until they kick me out. I would much rather leave ahead of time such that we stay on the best of terms.

But finding a new place to live is proving to be extremely hard.

And this is because of everything that I want and need. First, I am trying to keep costs down, much like most people that are looking for a new place to live. Further, I am looking for something that is free-standing. I know what entertainment works for my twitch stream and that is my ability to get loud. And if I live in an apartment building or a neighborhood where everyone lives every close to each other then it is not going to work. Finding a building that literally has the geographic location and the physical construction so that I can be loud is paramount.

If I live in a place such as this then I have to change my show, which is my utmost passion. This is the entire reason I am down here in Los Angeles and why I am working so hard at this endeavor. I want to make it as an entertainer, and it would hurt me more than anything to know that I have to alter my show, especially from something that has proved itself to work, because I would get complaints.

The other thing that I wish I could have is my own place. I so desperately want to have my own place. Where I get to be the king. Roommates are great and everything, but sometimes it can be difficult because they might want to do one thing and then you want to do something else and since you both pay rent but you both disagree then you are in a predicament. Living on your own fixes that, but often at the cost of much more money.

The one thing that I don’t want to compromise on is my show.

I love it, and I live for it. And the last thing I want to ever do is to lower my entertainment value for my fans. No matter the reason. If that means my living situation won’t work out then I guess I just have to keep on looking.

Then I guess there is moving back to Oregon, but then that has its own problems. I lower my costs significantly and am back with my family but then I have the problems of lack of internet, and further I won’t be around all of my life-long friends that are down here in Los Angeles.

It really is tough to find something that works.

But, I will keep on keeping on. This post is honestly a therapeutic endeavor for me. I’m letting you guys know about the struggle trying to find something that works out, but that I will keep at it. And writing to my fans makes me realize that I must. As I said last night on my show, which was a particularly edifying one, that nothing is more satisfying to me than entertaining and making people smile.

So I will keep at it, and hopefully find something soon. I am truly exploring all possibilities. But, at the end of the day, I will have to compromise on something. I am not going to get everything that I want. That is just not how it is going to work. Something will have to give, but so long as I can get to do my show at its highest entertainment value then I will be satisfied.


Keep Smiling,


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