Happy Birthday to me


Yes, today is my birthday. I know, I know, settle down reader. Yes, I was born on Valentine’s day. And yes, I was the best Valentine’s day gift that my father ever gave my mother.


Haha but today really is my birthday and I am feeling great. For those that are wondering, I am single, and no I do not have a date tonight. And for most Valentine’s days of my life I have not had a date either. I did last year though, and it was nice, but the relationship didn’t last and it was kind of forced.

So I am very comfortable with not having one this year. I am sure that in future I will have a nice one though. Maybe next year! But as for today I am going to have a nice dinner with my family friends and I am very excited for that. That is all I really want for my birthday. And I know that they will all have some sort of present for me, which will be very nice, but it isn’t what is really important.

Just being around people that care about me is all I want on my birthday.

I don’t want a huge party, or lots of presents, or anything extremely special, I just want a good old-fashioned nice time. Just a nice dinner with those who care. And that dinner could be mac and cheese for all I care. It doesn’t need to be steak. It just has to be tasty. And mac and cheese is tasty.

But I don’t think that I will be eating mac and cheese tonight. I think we are having lamb. Eating a baby sheep.

Talk about Heavy Metal.

That is really it for my post today, nothing too long or in detail, but I hope you find it profound. Life is all about sharing moments with those that love and care about you. For my birthday, all I want is to be around those people and have a nice dinner. Anything else is just a nice plus, but if I didn’t get a single present other than going to this dinner, I would not be bummed out in the slightest.

Just pay attention in life to the things that really matter the most.

If you all reading this would like to give me a nice birthday present, I’d appreciate a follow on my twitter at twitter.com/notacultleadr, but even more so, I would like you to greet someone today and wish them a happy valentines day, and further to tell them to

Keep Smiling!




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