Say No to Social Stoning


Today I had a moment where I realized something that I have been thinking about for quite some time. Recently a good twitch friend of mine unfortunately had her channel banned for inappropriate content. (She shook her booty lol)

Now I didn’t know that it had happened when it did and recently I came to find out about the events that transpired. I got in touch and told her how sorry I was to hear the news. She responded that it was okay and that she believes that everything happens for a reason.

Today she stopped by my morning twitch stream (on a new account of course) and hung out with my friend and I while we did our show. I informed my friend of who she was and what had happened. Then I thought oh I could just show him the video on my iPad.

I really wish I didn’t.

And honestly not because her video is anything extra outrageous. All she does is just shake her butt. No wardrobe malfunctions, just a butt shake. But alas that is enough to get flagged as inappropriate on twitch and get your channel banned. Even though the video wasn’t bad I wish I didn’t show it to my friend, because I bet she doesn’t really want to have that clip up there on the internet.

And I’m not one to speak for her and say as to whether how she feels about it, but I bet that she isn’t exactly stoked with the idea that the last remaining video out there of her for the most part is a video of her shaking her butt that got her banned. And this creates an image of her that at first glance people will think about her.

That should not define her.

I’ve known her for a good while now and I can tell you that she is a lot more than just a pretty girl (she’s very cute by the way everyone haha) with a great butt. Her streams were very fun especially in my opinion with her smile and laugh; it’s very infectious.

The whole moment kind of hit me because it made me realize today how one moment from the past too often is defining people entirely on the internet. Some kid says this, or some politician did that, and now everyone hates them or thinks poorly of them and in many cases it was one mistake, or a lapse in judgement, or just something that was certainly a mistake but was a long time ago.

This should not be so.

I was in church the other day, I know edgy right, and I was thinking about the Christian tenet of forgiveness. I was probably zoning out from listening to the homily while I was contemplating the Bible (not the best way to go about it but whatever lol) and I realized how currently in our modern political climate everyone is ready to feast upon some person’s past mistake.

We live in a society of vultures.

And mistakes are mistakes. I am not here to act like they aren’t. But I will be here to remind everyone of the passage when Jesus saves a woman from getting stoned to death by daring the men who are going to kill her with the challenge that the only ones in the crowd fit to strike her are those that are without sin, i.e. those who have never made a mistake.

None of the men throw a stone, and they walk away.

Where is this passage in modernity today? Today we live in the age of social stoning. We don’t throw actual rocks, but we throw hatred, and ruin people’s careers in sometimes a staggeringly short amount of time: sometimes within minutes.

This really needs to change.

People need to be able to forgive others. Unless they never want to be forgiven. Then I guess I will permit their hatred. But they better not expect to get any forgiveness from others. Except, that’s just not how it works. You know they will fuck up at some point and then when everyone descends on their heart and entrails they will cross over to the other side and cry about how wrong this behavior is.

Of course then, its too late.

That’s why now I am here writing to you all about how screwed up this all is. People need to relax. Give others a chance to redeem themselves. Especially if events happened a long time ago. People change. And further, many people learn their most profound lessons from the gravest mistakes they have made.

I often have found that the noblest people I have met have had some dark history at some point in their life.

It is from that mistake that they often realized how wrong their behavior was and that they turned their lives around. Hell (literally) I remember meeting a Priest one time that used to be a Bandit. He would rob people at gunpoint before he found his life as a Priest. Now, that is one fucking transformation.

And you know what? Good for him. I’m glad that man isn’t going around robbing and shooting people anymore. And you should be too! Not saying you have to be on board with his religious beliefs, but let’s all be on board with his reformed lifestyle and choice to no longer live a life of crime.

He moved on and found his own redemption.

Let’s let other people in society today do that too. Especially since most of these modern mistakes aren’t even anywhere nearly as bad that man’s. And people even learn to forgive mistakes such as those. Today we need to break from our desire to ruin other’s lives just because we don’t like them or their politics, or worse just because we want something to do.

Don’t join the mob just because you are bored. Be better than that.

In the end, one moment should not be the defining aspect of a person’s life; whether that is a good or bad moment for that matter. We people are much more than one moment in time. Only when you have a collection of moments from a person can you really get to understand who they are and what their character is.

We all say not to judge a book by its cover. Let’s also stop judging a book by one line.


Keep Smiling,


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