Just stick to it


This post is all to be blamed on WackyGEE: The definitive ASU party legend. He parties so hard he never sleeps. And his level of energy is infectious. I was going to sleep too, but he came in my show and he kept me up.

That bastard.

I was up for a full hour past when I said I was not going to be. And you know what happened today? I didn’t get up on time for my morning show. Look what you made me do Wacky. Look what you made me do.

Now I’m just kidding. It is my fault. I chose to stay up and continue streaming, that is on me. But the whole ordeal that happened last night and this morning got me thinking.

I really need to stick to my schedule.

Because if I don’t everything gets out of wack. Sure, people might be really enjoying my stream one night, but if I stay up too late then I’m going to completely miss my next stream int he morning, and then those people won’t get to enjoy it at all. And who knows, maybe even then I will feel more tired or thrown off later in the day and my next show will be not as good.

I need to stay in my routine.

If there has been one thing that I have learned in the past 10 years after graduating high school, college, graduate school, and my past jobs, its that getting into a routine really makes a big difference. It is your way of effectively going on auto pilot. And every single human is going to be a little bit different in this regard. Some people need more sleep than others, and some people need to sleep at different times. My mother has often told me when her deep sleep is and that if she gets woken up during that specific hour or so she often has a terrible next day. But if she gets woken up at this hour or other hour that it really doesn’t affect her.

In fact some people can wake up a ton of times and go back to sleep just as much and it has little to no effect of them the next day. Some people get woken up once it ruins everything. The lesson is that we are all different in this regard and thus it is up to us to find what works best for ourselves.

Now, I personally find that after my twitch streams I am really wired and that I often cannot fall asleep immediately. I need a solid hour or so to wind down so that I can go to bed. Ending my show at 11:30 is not good for me because many times I fall asleep at 1:00 or later in the morning and then I have to sleep in much later than I want to if I want to feel rested for work the next day. This is a big problem for me because after I get off work at 5:00 I eat quickly and then start my twitch stream. I have almost no free time in the evenings.

All of my free time is in the morning.

If I sleep through the morning then I literally lose my chance to take care of all of my other errands. I really need to make sure I do not mess up my sleep schedule, because it affects everything.

So from now on I am going to end my shows at 10:30 or 5 minutes after or so if I am stuck in a game or something. No more streaming until 11:30 though. I have learned my lesson I know what works and what doesn’t. If I plan to fall asleep by 12:00 and wake up at 7:00 then I need to end my show at 10:30.

That works for me.

So that is all I have to write for today’s post. It’s time for me to start taking my schedule very seriously and to live by it so that I can get the most out of each day. Today I slept in longer than I wanted to and as such I was not able to stop by my bank and deposit my check that I planned on, my morning twitch stream was shorter than I desired, I wasn’t able to study for my real estate license test, and I was also not able to get my blog written at the time that I had wanted to write it at. All because I decided to keep streaming an hour later than I knew I should.

TLDR: It is really easy to get yourself all messed up for the next day. Remember every day has another day coming behind. So live each day for the next one a little bit.


Keep Smiling,


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