What really mattered


Yesterday was the biggest American Holiday of them all: The SUPER BOWL. Anyone and everyone was ready to watch (except New Orleans) and I have to tell you, the game totally sucked.

It was just boring. The Rams and the Patriots both played exceptional defense stopping each other from scoring any almost any touchdowns except for one which the Patriots scored who went on to win the game.

Thus Tom Brady did clinch it, his 6th Super Bowl win, so he really is the greatest by definition at this point, but still the game was just not very eventful. I understand great defense is amazing and everything, but I just love it when the defense is absolute garbage and when the quarterback throw 50 yard touchdowns, and when running backs make 75 yard plays.

That is the kind of football that I want to watch.

But alas I was out of luck yesterday. The game was terribly bland. But the party was not a loss, and that is what mattered the most. I like football, but honestly its not why I go to Super Bowl parties. I go to those for my friends and the family, to say hello, and have a good meal and drinks together.

And yesterday we all did just that. Which for me was very nice, because it was actually my first social event in about a month and a half as I had been streaming every night religiously up until this week where I decided to take a weekend break. And I am sure glad I did. I really didn’t quite understand how much I needed to take a break and just relax with friends and family.

It was much overdue.

I even had a few glasses of wine. Okay maybe more than a few. But hey, that was overdue as well! I couldn’t tell you the last time I actually went and had something to drink. I barely ever do. And that’s not a bad thing either. Alcohol is expensive as heck and besides if you drink all the time then it gets less special. I will save my wine for special nights like the super bowl.

But all in all, the moral of my post is that the game really didn’t matter. The reason everyone watches the Super Bowl is so we can all get together and have a good time. And that is really good that we have days like this, where everyone can come together, especially considering the current political climate.

Too frequently do people on both sides of the political aisle not speak with those on the other side.

This is very bad. If we don’t speak or socialize with those on the other side, we won’t understand them and why they think the way they do and thus we won’t ever be able to really work towards a solution for all people and further, it becomes so easy to demonize them.

It’s very easy to believe that someone you don’t know is the devil.

But when you have had actual interactions with someone you will find that the person in question is not as bad as you think, maybe they just are wrong, or that you disagree with their opinions, but this is much different than the previous situation of believing that they are evil incarnate. And honestly quick few minutes of socializing can lead you to this shift. That’s why these parties are so important. Non-political events like sports championships can get us all to hang out and realize that maybe, just maybe, we all aren’t so bad

Heck, even during the party the conversation turned political and many of us in the friend group started arguing over politics haha but we also had the wine and the super bowl there for us to unify as well. At one point one friend said regarding the person she was talking to,

“He and I have vastly different political opinions, but I still consider him one of my best friends and I love him.”

That’s how it should be. Sure we can disagree, sure we can argue, but remember we are all people and let’s keep it that way. Don’t keep yourself from having open discourse with the other side of the aisle such that you start openly generalizing the side such that they are all dumbasses, idiots, or devils.

That is the real death of democracy.

So keep going to your Super Bowl parties, even if the Super Bowls themselves suck, because it’s not about the game (well for most people), it’s about the people.


Keep Smiling,


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