Being there for your friends


Yesterday was my first day off from streaming. And I am really glad that I took the day off. Not just because I needed a break (trust me I enjoyed the relaxation) but also because of what unexpectedly happened.

I hadn’t seen one of my best friends in over a week so I decided that I would drive on over and stop by at his house. Whenever I arrived he wasn’t there but his parents were so I stayed for a while and chatted with them. Finally my friend returned home and when he did I could tell he was in a bad mood, obviously was he going through something. I said hello, asked him what was up, and he said to me,

“Dude I don’t really want to hang out with you right now because I’m in a bad mood and I’m just going to be an asshole to you and that’s not right.”

I replied,

“Because you are in a bad mood I want to be here with you. Don’t worry I understand I’m not going to let anything you say get to me personally.”

I told him that I was hungry and that I wanted something to eat and that he could just come for a ride with me while I grabbed something from a drive-thru. By the time we were in the car and on the road we were cranking some tunes and then my friend was back to his old self already. His mood had already shifted, much like those black clouds that linger for so long but finally just go away, and then the two of us then proceeded to hang out for the rest of the evening.

‘We really had a good time. And it got me thinking.

It is so easy to hang out with people and your friends when they are happy and when everything is going great. But what about those times when they are in a bad mood? And when things are not so great? That is when so many people often just say forget it I will see you later alligator.

But that is precisely when people often need someone the most.

Now I am not saying that anyone reading this blog has to take abuse, and much less take abuse from their close friends, and if my friend had started being a total raging jackass to me then I would have left right away, but I could tell that he appreciated that I was there to hang out with him and in no time he was feeling better and was like I said back to his old self.

This is what friends are for.

Being there when someone has a bad day. Or when something just doesn’t go as planned. Being there to let them know that you got their back and that you care about them. Because life gets hard, and life doesn’t go the way that you think it will, and then you start doubting yourself and thinking others judge you or think you are a loser or whatever.

This is natural, this is how people feel.

And this is why it is so important to be there for your friends when you can tell they need one. Let them know that you have their back and that they aren’t a loser. Don’t let me fall into that pit that is so hard to climb out of.

Just be there for them.

And not only will you feel righteous for doing something truly wonderful, but you just might be surprised and heart-warmed when they are there for you in the future when you aren’t doing so well yourself.

Remember it all comes around.

Everyone has those days that are great and everyone has those days that are just terrible. It really doesn’t matter how much money you have, where you live, or what possessions or job you have. Sure those things can contribute to happiness, but they don’t totally comprise it. Everyone gets sick, everyone loses loved ones, everyone has personally tragedies happen to them. They might lose a job, auto accident, someone publicly maligns them, etc. You really have no idea what awful thing could happen to you in your life.

Trust me, something awful will happen.

And this is why having friends are so important. Because when times get really tough, you don’t want to going through it alone. That’s just the worst. So be there for your friends, help them through their struggles, and often you can do that by just being present with them to let them know that they aren’t alone and that you have their back. And if you nurture and maintain these relationships they will do the same to you, and just one day when you are down, they will be there to help get you back up.

Be there for your friends.


Keep Smiling,


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