My first day off


Today I finally had a day off. And I’m not talking about my day job. I’m talking about my night one. For the past 40 to 45 days or so I have been live streaming every night for 4 hours. This past week I had decided to change up my schedule and make my show weeknights only and take the weekends off (unless I decided to come anyways.)

I figured that if I did not take some days off I would risk burning out from my show and that eventually there may be no stream altogether, and that would certainly be much worse than one day off.

Well, today was finally the actual first day off. And not entirely though, I still started the day with a morning stream, but as for the night show I enjoyed my time off. After the morning stream and a nice breakfast I took a scenic drive around the South Bay and soaked in the stormy weather. Some people like to stay inside when it storms, but personally I really enjoy being out and about it.

Living on the wild side if you will.

At 11:00 I showed up at my local Verizon store to purchase an iPad for my twitch stream. I had been mulling it over all week as I wanted something where I could read the news and search up internet links with my stream in the mornings. As my phone is being actively used for the show I cannot read anything on it so I knew I needed something new. So I picked one up today and so far I am loving it, especially the stylus. Writing and scrolling with it is very cool, I would definitely recommend getting the Apple Pen if you were looking at getting one.

I personally love to write things.

And that’s why I love this stylus. It gives me the ability to have the feeling of writing something down and I don’t even have to worry about carrying paper around at all.

After I was done shopping I met up with my roommate Ryan for a nice lunch. We live in the same house together but honestly we are both so busy on different schedules that we actually hardly ever see each other. Oh well! Good problem to have since we are both working so much all the time. But it was really great of us to catch up. We will have to do lunch more often!

Once we were then on our separate ways I headed over to my bro Alex’s and got us tickets for Bring Me the Horizon this month at The Forum and then I hung out a bit and played guitar. He then had to run and do errands so I went and stopped by friend John’s who I had not seen in a week or so.

He wasn’t home, but his parents were and they are always a pleasure to chat with. I hung out with them and their pets for a good while (Carla’s cat Trivvy came up to me and actually let me pet her for the first time!) and then John came back home.

The two of us then went and caught a really good dinner at my favorite restaurant Ryo where I have written many of my blog posts. I hadn’t realized that I had never eaten there with John there before yet! Unfortunately my dad Koji had stepped out so I need to stop by tomorrow to say hello and see him.

After dinner we went back to his place and hung out some more. After that it was time to head home and here I am hanging out with my roommate Ryan finishing the day writing my blog post at the last moments of the day to fulfill my daily goal of a post.

And it is fitting.

I finally had a great day relaxing. This was the whole plan of the day off: to actually hang out with friends and get some energy back by doing some fun things. Tomorrow is going to be another good one, it is Super Bowl Sunday that is going to be an event. I’m going to be rooting for the Patriots. Somebody in Los Angeles has to. Otherwise there won’t be anyone to bet against and it will be too boring.

And I will only accept my money a la CHECK.

See you all tomorrow. Have a great Sunday.


Keep Smiling,


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