The Breakfast Club


One of my classic problems is getting up early in the morning. When I was younger I always woke up because I had to get bright and early to eat breakfast and wake up my neighbor so that both of us could get to our zero periods. Back then I was up at 5:30 every day. Then college hit.

Classes started later in the day and if there was no reason to wake up then I just didn’t. Over many of these years I developed the habit of staying up at night and then sleeping through the mornings. And I really haven’t been a fan of this schedule to be honest. I really enjoy the mornings, its the only time when the world really isn’t awake, especially in a busy city such as Los Angeles.

But for the life of me I could not get up in the morning if I tried. If I had no direct purpose I just couldn’t do it. Now, work I am always there. I’m not late. But often I would get to work without eating breakfast and that really is not good.

So I came up with a plan. Live stream eating breakfast every morning. Not only does this force me to get up and eat breakfast, but I am committed to my channel so that it is work related such that I actually wake up for it. I take my show very seriously, so seriously that I actually can make myself up in the mornings.

I am proud of myself.

I have found a way to trick myself into doing what I want despite my body and habits fighting against it. And the shows are going well too! People are enjoying the morning commentary where I will talk about the news or some topic while I eat eggs and sip coffee. Pyro called it the “the Breakfast Club” today, I loved it.

And that’s going to be what we do now. Get up nice and early and start the day of right. Not only eat a good breakfast, but get some time on the show with community, and then talk about some sort of interesting topic. Tomorrow I am going to go purchase an iPad such that I can more readily read the news and surf the web while doing these mobile streams so there is more content.

We got to have content.

But honestly, we already have it. So at this point it is all about keeping up with this new schedule and sticking to it such that it becomes a new habit. This way I can finally kill the old one of not waking up and of skipping breakfast. But we know, old habits die hard.

So cheers to everyone who is tuning in to the morning streams, you can watch them at and I recommend that everyone else also join me in my endeavor. Starting the day off with breakfast and getting up nice and early is a good move. Just think about all the hours in the day and in the week that you lose by just sleeping in everyday.

Hell, think about all the hours over your life you lose just by sleeping.

Honestly, in that regard I hate sleep. I’m not even present for about 1/3 of my whole life. But at least I can say that I have kick-ass dreams. Not to make you all jealous, but I still have a good time when I am asleep. Being Nolan is a party 24/7. Except when my life is really mundane and it isn’t a party at all like when I do mass mailings. Hell, I find the party in anything and everything. Sometimes just putting addresses on postcards for hours stimulates me. (like today lol)

Anyways, I am droning on, as always, as usual. I will write you all tomorrow.


Get up early, eat breakfast, and keep smiling,


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