Amo is AMMO


Recently Bring me the Horizon just released their newest album entitled “amo.” And the reviews have been mixed. Which is just what I like.

It means that my favorite band is living up to what they do best: changing up their sound. Now, this is exactly why so many people get frustrated with them, but it is the reason why I absolutely love them.

They never get old.

Every new album is totally new, but at the same time it retains the band’s unique signature. This is extremely hard to do, but they do it flawlessly every singe time.

The best part about this band too is their roots. They started from the Metal subgenre of Deathcore which at the time was so ridiculously over the top in its intensity that it was controversial in the metal scene. I mean if you listened to the band’s first album “pray for plagues” today you would have no idea its them. It’s so different. But, if you listen to every album in succession from the first to the new 6th one, then you would easily be able to see the progression. And I totally recommend doing so.

But do it backwards.

If you try to start with the first album that is going to be much too hard and honestly vile for most of you. But if you start out with the new Pop-influenced album (which I think is fantastic) and then go to the last alternative album, to the Alternative Metal album, to the Metal album, to the Hardcore album, then finally to the Metalcore album you will slowly adjust yourself to the beautiful madness that is Bring me the Horizon.

This is why they are brilliant.

They are the band that can get people into Rock and into Metal who previously were not. I remember how I got into Metal. It was through a band named Dance Gavin Dance. This band is very unique not only because of their sound, but also because they have always had two singers: one screamer and one singer. Now, I absolutely used to despise screaming vocals.

I flat out could not stand screams.

But this band had Johnny Craig on lead clean vocals, and he seriously has the voice of an angel. (And also a raging drug problem which unfortunately got him kicked out from the band. Just sing, don’t do drugs reader.) Anyways, I would relish listening to his parts, but then I would honestly suffer through Jon Mess’ scream vocals. But one day I found that I liked one song in particular that Jon Mess screamed on entitled “Uneasy Hearts weigh the most” in which Mess screamed for only a few lines. It was short, to the point, and the lyrics were cool. The way he screamed “WHAT THE FUCK” made sense to me.

I thought, dang this is actually pretty cool.

And this made sense to me. Jon is literally saying what the fuck, he does not know what is happening, and thus the loudness and the intense nature of a scream fit well with the vocals. I was about it.

And from then on it was history, and now I absolutely love the growls. I also appreciate the technique. It is not as easy one might think. Just try screaming without killing your vocal chords, its not so easy.

Note: If you are seriously interested in learning how to scream look up how to do it properly because if you do not know how, you can seriously damage your vocal cords permanently. Scream with caution reader.

My whole experience getting into Metal was interesting because I got into seriously hardcore Metal bands when I was getting a Theology degree at a Roman Catholic College, oddly enough. And I remember showing songs to my friends of which they almost all thought it was Satanic. In futility I kept trying to convince them that Metal truly was music and that they just had to ease their way into it, but alas I could not figure out how to get through to them.

Now, I have the answer.

Bring me the Horizon is the perfect band to get people into Metal. First they should listen to the newer Pop and Alternative albums, namely “amo” and “That’s the Spirit,” and soon enough they will want more so they will begin to explore their past albums such as “Suicide Season,” and maybe even “Count your Blessings.” Before they know it they will have neck tattoos and will be death growling in their cars on their way to that 9 to 5.

(And maybe at their boss too.)

Now, I must note that Bring me the Horizon does what they do with serious risk. Every time they make a new album that strays from their older Metal sound they truly do risk losing their fanbase, or at least parts of it. And they are very aware of this. On “Heavy Metal” the lead singer Oliver Sykes sings,

“And I keep picking battles…

I fear you don’t love me anymore…

Because the kid on the gram in the Black Dahlia Tank says it aint Heavy Metal”

I fucking love it. The Black Dahlia Murder is another very popular Hardcore Metal band for those who don’t know, and yes the name comes from the grisly murder case, which was never solved. Link is below to the wikipedia page if you would like to become more familiar with the case.

Back to the song, Oliver responds to the haters saying that he hears what they are saying to which he responds,

“And that’s alright.”

And further, at the end of that track they turn up the gain and blast the end screaming “IT AINT HEAVY METAL” as a way of showing to these ex-fans that the band still “got bounce” like they used to. They just make the new albums so they have something new and fresh to crank out.

Take that kid in the tank.

Too many bands today make the same music. The first two albums sound great, then the third gets stale, and by the fourth I have completely lost interest. But not with this band. Every album they make is fresh and is a complete banger. I will listen to the album on repeat. And I repeat.

I listen to the entire album on repeat.

Not just a single, or one track. The whole album. This is a lost art by the way. In fact, many musicians don’t even make albums anymore. They just make singles. But, again, not with this band. They stay true to their roots as a Rock Band but they make their music for the modern age.

I absolutely love them. So I hope I sold you on the band and have convinced you to check them out. Go listen to “amo” on Spotify or iTunes or wherever you can find it. Then leave a comment or come to my stream and tell me what you think of it. Hell, I will probably be playing it in the background on my channel for a good while now.

It’s too good not to be bumping on repeat.


Stay Fresh and Keep Smiling,


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