When is it enough?


Yesterday I made the same stupid mistake that I made early in the Summer of 2018. I wasted money buying in game skins. Yes, skins. What are skins you might ask? Well, basically they are in game fashion. They add no real gameplay modifiers such as increased damage or speed or etc., all they are is a re-working on a character or weapons outfit.

Yup, that’s it. Just an outfit.

And people spend lots of money on these things; myself included. Now, I am not entirely against skins at all. I think if you play a game a lot if it nice to have some sort of fashion that distinguishes you from the other players, but there is a line when you are spending just too much. For example, how many skins do you really need to buy? If you aren’t cautious it can get out of hand extremely quickly. And then when you have skins for many different characters but you only play one of them, then talk about a real waste of money.

Skins are the proverbial clothes that you have kept in your closet for years but never have worn. Just dead weight.

Last night I spent 50$ on crap that I really did not need at all. I got so lost in the moment of buying this skin that I wanted that I kept persisting through all these glitches in the Ubisoft purchase system of which it took me over 2 hours to but the skin I wanted.

Talk about the universe trying to tell me something. Further, someone in my chat literally said that to me too. I think I responded with something like,

“Fuck the universe.”

Lol. I literally am too funny. Especially because I now only one day after the purchase am regretting it and am writing a blog post to encourage others to limit their spending. And I have to thank one of my oldest and most trusted fans Lots_of_Pyro. He sent me a message on twitter calling me out. Paraphrasing, He said,

“Dude, you wrote me a letter telling me to save my money instead of giving it to you because I should save for my computer parts since that is really what I want. You too should save your money instead of buying it on stupid skins which you already have when you should save it for rent since finding a good place for your stream is really what you want.”

And Pyro was 100% on the mark. He caught me red-handed being a hypocrite. And I am glad that he did. It’s high time that I stopped wasting my money on these in game items. I mean seriously I am going to be 27 years old soon, spending my money on junk like this is totally childish.

So here we go chat. I am done with skins. I don’t need to buy them. If someone wants to give me a skin that I would like hey that is cool, (I won’t lie I still like them) but as for spending money on them, I am done. I have so many skins already. In Fortnite, in World of Warcraft, in Counter Strike, in Rainbow Six, etc. The list goes on. But the real question is,

How much is enough?

I say that I have enough. It’s time to chill out and stop this wasteful spending. And not just on in game skins, also in other areas of life. Especially on food, clothes, books, and other junk that I don’t need and don’t use.

But I am going to start with skins. This is the easiest area for my get this habit under control, since I stream every night so I literally will be fighting my temptation to buy skins nightly. And Pyro also made a good point that as a streamer I have a responsibility to my chat and followers such that I do not become a bad influence on them. If I am spending and spending I am also encouraging them to follow in foolish behavior. And this is even more ridiculous considering I am such a self-proclaimed “intelligent” streamer.

It’s kind of hard to give advice when you are concurrently making foolish decisions.

So here we go everyone. We are a month into the new year but heck let’s just act as if it is Day 1. This year we say goodbye to skins. Too much is too much. I have enough and I need to learn to be happy with what I have. Because here is the core lesson.

Nothing is ever enough. You will always want more.

And that’s not just skins. I am talking about money, cars, women, clothes, etc. If you cannot get your appetite under control it will destroy you. You will spend all your money very quickly, you will ruin your best relationships because you simply cannot choose to have one, and your life will become a mess surrounded by meaningless junk that is at best only temporary happiness.

So get it under control. Stop the spending. And let’s start with the skins. If you don’t have any, that’s one thing. But if you have plenty, it’s time to stop.

Say no skins.


Keep Smiling,


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