My new schedule


Recently I had an experience that made me re-evaluate my streaming habits. I just got a new idea for a stream bit comprising of taking calls so I had been reaching out to specific people that I wanted to bring on the show. I was talking to Danny about the idea and the show and how I was doing it everyday. He then said,

“What happens if you meet a girl?”

I replied,

“I’m trying really hard not to.”

to which he said,

“Yeah, but’s always when you meet her.”

Truer words have never been spoken. Literally 30 minutes later I’m driving through Redondo Beach and I run into this girl that I went to school with. I rolled my window down and looked her, she looked at me, both probably thought,


So we exchanged numbers, and it’s not like I asked her out explicitly but at our age what else are we doing exchanging information. Right then my Dad was actually on the phone, in the car while this happened and he told me,

“Nolan, you need to take some days off from your show. Once any girl finds out that you work full time and then you do your show seven days a week for 4 hours at night, she isn’t going to want anything to do with you. You won’t have any time at all for her. And besides, you are going to burn yourself out. Right now you have all the energy in the world, but if you keep it up that’s going to change.”

My Father was totally on the mark. And I am not going crazy in my head thinking anything will necessarily happen with this chance encounter with this woman I ran into, but it made me get serious about my current schedule. Right now I have no time for anyone, and the way I am doing this is not healthy. Now, I am not going to change my main goal which is making my show make it; I won’t abandon or hurt that for a second, but I have to be real with myself. If I don’t take some time off so that I have the chance to meet someone for a date, or hang out with a friend or family for dinner from time to time then soon I am not going to be in a good mental state.

I have been there before. Back in Oregon I was totally alone.

I had a fantastic job that made plenty of money, but I had very few friends to spend anytime with. And the ones that I had lived far away from me so it was not easy to hang out with them. I finally realized that I needed to be back in Southern California where there were people to interact with. The money wasn’t everything.

So too with my show. It is my favorite thing in the world to do, and it is what I committed to, but if I don’t allow some time for my social life then I am going to get depressed and maybe even really bitter. How am I going to feel if I meet a truly awesome woman but I don’t get to know her because I work myself to death?

Probably, terrible.

In fact one of my close friend’s friend made this exact mistake. He started working so much at his new job that after about a year and a half of it it ended up costing his marriage because he didn’t have time for her anymore.

Was that really the right move?

So thus I have decided to change my stream schedule to five days a week instead of seven. I will be live Monday through Friday on but also at a new time. Because a good amount of my original fans are all from the East Coast because that is where I started streaming originally, moving to the West Coast has been problematic for them. When I go live at 7:30 PM for me it is 10:30 PM for them. And they have jobs, school, etc. They can hardly watch me all. But, if I move my show one hour ahead to 6:30 PM then it is 9:30 PM for them when I go live which is not so bad. This allows them to catch a solid 2 hours of my show pretty easily. And I do my show for my fans, so I need to make sure that I can have it work best for them.

Otherwise I am being a shitty entertainer.

As for the weekends, I am taking Saturday and Sunday off. This way I can have some days to hang out with family, friends, and dates potentially. If nothing is going on for me though then I will be back on my show at the same time. Or maybe even earlier if I decide to give live for some extra hours. But officially, I am not going to be scheduled for those days. Youtube Hell will be moved to another day of the week, not exactly sure what day, maybe somewhere in the middle like on a Wednesday. We will see, stay tuned for updates.

So wrapping up the post, I am making sure that I am treating myself right in a sustainable manner such that I don’t get too absorbed in my work such that I end up quitting altogether. Burnout and depression are real things so one needs to make sure that you stay on top of your grind in a healthy manner or it will get you.

To tune into the show just stop by Monday through Friday from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM Pacific Standard Time. 

I will see you there.


Keep Smiling,


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