“You can’t please everyone”


This is a quote from Danny, with whom I just spoke on the phone.

Today I realized something. Something that I have been told time and time again over the years, over my whole life really. It’s the simple lesson that

You can’t please everyone.

We all know this, but that is only in our heads. Actually living up to this creed is very hard. Especially for entertainers. We are the type of people that want everyone to like what we do, and we want to put a smile on every person’s face.

But this is not possible.

I came to this realization through listening to the Howard Stern show. If you all didn’t know I am a huge fan. His show is so wild, so funny, and so authentic. I really recommend listening to it if you have not.

Anyways, a huge part of the Howard Stern Show is his workers and his guests. The people that actively work as part of his show, e.g. the writers, sound men, etc. all are frequent guests on the program which has millions of daily listeners. And all these people at this point are their own established celebrities in their own right due to the success of the show. So naturally, they all love their air time and they want to me on it.

Particularly, Memet.

Memet is one of my favorite characters on the show because he is smart, but also because he just fucking whines all the time. It really adds a lot to the show to be honest. Because, the rest of the crew always rips him and it’s simply hilarious. One time they were ripping into him because Memet wanted to be on the panel all the time as a fixed guest and Howard was telling him that he only got to be on the panel if he had something to contribute. He said something along the lines of,

“Memet I like you, but this is my work. This show has to be good and has to be entertaining for the fans. If you have something of value to bring to the panel then I am happy to bring you on, but if you don’t then I can’t have you. It’s not personal, it’s just business. You have to pull your weight.”

This really hit me hard. Because it made me think about a blog post and stance that I took on a few weeks ago. I made the decision to only solo queue because I did not want to have any of my fans feel left out from my show. I was so concerned with not hurting people’s feelings that I decided to not play with the fans that I enjoyed playing with the most.

At the time I thought this was the right move. Now I think differently.

And here is why. After listening to the Howard Stern Show for a few hours last night I decided that I too would start bringing guests on my show. This way I can add much more commentary to the show such to make it more interesting and entertaining as well as have more for myself to riff off of, something I am naturally very good at.

So I kicked off the night by taking a call from Sras. And it went very well! I had a great time talking with her and her presence added a whole new element to the stream. But then it happened. Another person in the chat asked if I would take their call.

Right then and there I realized that I could not take everyone’s calls.

And because precisely of what Howard said to Memet. Not everyone has something particularly interesting or good to say and as good content is the core of the show, I need to make sure that the people that I do bring on to the show actually have something to contribute. It was the solo queue follower game problem all over again. But in this case it really hit me. If I decided to take calls from followers after this realization then I was willingly abandoning quality content for my channel in order to not hurt some people’s feelings.

And this is not fair to the loyal fans of mine who watch for my content every day. I do my show to give them the best content possible, so I knew I had to make a decision. I called my Dad. He said to me,

“Nolan, this is just as if you were a baseball coach. You might love all your players, but if one of them isn’t performing you need to cut him or trade him. It’s not fun, but that’s just what happens in the nature of the sport. You need to do the same with your show.”

And that advice was what I needed to hear. And I already knew it.  But I was just reluctant because I know that some of my fans are going to be hurt by my decision, especially when some of them that might think that they will get to be regular talkers on my show won’t get that chance. And in that moment, I can tell you. I will feel terrible.

But as I said before, this is my Senior year of streaming. So this time, I am here to do it right. And if I hurt some people’s feelings, that is really unfortunate. It is the last thing I ever want to do. But I need to bring the best content I can to my show that I approve of, and I have to live by the creed that we all know is true,

“you can’t please everyone.”

So tonight I will break the news to the channel. And I will also reverse my decision of not playing with my fans. I will just play with who I want. And no, I am not being inconsistent with my old blog post. In that post I was wrong. I hereby declare that post as not my current view, I have come to a new understanding. I see where I was in that moment when I wrote it, but now I have realized that I was not putting my stream’s best interest at heart, but rather other people’s hearts at heart. And that is not a healthy approach to streaming, but also not something that can ever be satisfied.

I can’t please everyone no matter how hard I try, so I need to make sure that I can please myself and make a show that I believe to be entertaining. And for those that get to be part of it more actively through the discord and the call-ins, thank you for making my show spectacular. For those that don’t get to be part of the show in that regard, I hope that you still enjoy the show that I make and that it doesn’t discourage you from being part of the chat and the viewer base. I will always greatly appreciate your support. After all, it doesn’t go anywhere without those just watch it.

Thanks for reading this post everyone, this post is a heavy one for me to write. But it had to written, and we will move forward with this stream onto to 2019.


Keep Smiling,




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